SGA Talent’s Recruitment Research Team Creates Robust Talent Pools of Potential Candidates Not Always Available on The Internet.

When our firm was founded in 1989, we became a key partner to both corporate recruiters and executive search firms.  We help create robust talent pools that result in recruiting efficiency and informed hiring decisions.

Our expertise in using the telephone, a traditional recruitment research tool, to map out talent from all industries remains the key to our success, and a key reason we are an invaluable resource to those searching for the best talent.

Today, many recruiters assume that all potential candidates can be found by simply using public sources. SGA proves this could not be further from the truth.  Our recruitment research continues to be the proven method and place to start when assessing bottom line recruiting costs and recruiting efficiency.  Our methods prevent wasted hours poring over the inaccurate profiles of the limited 65% of the talent pool that everyone else is trying to engage.

SGA Talent’s recruitment research team continues to help companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 and boutique search firms.  Whatever your recruiting challenge may be, SGA Talent is ready to create and craft the full talent pool specific to your needs. The data gathered also provides intelligence used to help our clients make informed hiring decisions.

SGA Talent has a strong track record of saving clients time and money by delivering strong, robust talent pools of potential candidates, creating recruiting efficiency and delivering on strategic talent objectives.

  • Organization Chart and Talent Mapping
  • Profiling
  • Succession Planning
  • Diversity


Organization Chart and Talent Mapping

Organizational Development/ Talent Mapping is used by clients  that want a complete understanding of talent pools at specific companies of interest.

Along with assisting with recruiting efforts, organizational charts are also used by clients to gain an understanding on how competitors allocate resources in departments as well as to uncover the “A” players for strategic hiring purposes.


For many clients, a name is not enough. Profiling is a service that usually requires a multi-step process to first identify the talent pool and then generate profiles of every potential candidate. Depending on clients’ requests, profiling can be as simple as identifying talent using just social media and tools, or alternatively going beyond what is found on the internet to use traditional research methodologies that better fulfill the need.

Succession Planning 

As companies look to develop their strategy over time, they are forced to ask, “Do we have leaders in our organization today that will help us succeed in the future?”  Unfortunately for many organizations the answer is no.

With SGA Talent’s recruitment research, we enable our clients to get a complete picture of the key talent that resides in their industry.  By mapping out organizations, our clients can start to compare and contrast potential candidates and identify those candidates who are making the greatest impact on their organization.


Many companies want to be sure their talent pool is diverse, which can be a continuous effort. To meet these goals, companies constantly seek diverse talent residing within competitor and best-of-breed companies. SGA Talent’s Recruitment Research team is experienced at mapping out teams of professionals and identifying diverse talent as part of the mission.

Sample Projects

Below are just five project examples, which led to direct hires that met client strategic recruiting objectives.

Medical Device Client 

A leading medical device company was in need of several sales representatives throughout the US to help expand sales for a new product.  This client asked SGA Talent to identify sales representatives from seven competitors across the country.  By mapping out these organizations, SGA Talent identified over 700 potential candidates.  One hundred and twenty six of these candidates weren’t found on public sources, and our client was able to interest 27 of these candidates in the position; of these 27 candidates, four became client hires.

Chemical Manufacturer 

Our client sought a Production Manager for one of their manufacturing plants.  Their internal team had worked several weeks on the project, but all of the people they had identified yielded no hires.  Our client asked us to research 20 companies to find viable candidates.  Our research into these companies generated a total of 180 candidates.  While our client had already identified 135 of these candidates, SGA Talent was able to provide 45 new names, one of which yielded a hire for our client.

Professional Services Client 

Our client needed to identify 30 Partners, and SGA was given 16 weeks to create a full slate of candidates. With very detailed direction to include specific industry specialties, we were able to achieve our goals.  We supplied the recruitment research intelligence, which helped with making informed hiring decisions and supported future hiring.

Insurance Client

As a leader in the insurance industry, our client was facing a talent crunch at the executive levels.  Our role was to map executive teams down to director level within 12 competitor companies and profile each professional identified. This information was then given to the company’s internal executive search team to begin recruiting, networking and hiring the best talent in the industry. Once this was completed, we were next tasked with creating a talent pool of sales professionals, ranging from regional managers, district managers, and individual contributors, that could be tapped to upgrade the existing team. In carefully crafting the talent pool, part of our mission was to uncover the top performers at each level and aggressively recruit them.


SGA Talent Recruitment Research Process


Recruitment Research Is A Process

Organization Chart Example

Excel Recruitment Research Example 


Diversity Recruitment Research Studies 


Customized Deliverables

The recruitment research deliverable is always customized to meet each client’s need and request. Whether you choose an Excel spreadsheet, organization chart format or a Word document, the information is the same. It includes the company name, contact name, title, telephone number, email, profile (LinkedIn or public profile) as well as relevant data collected during the information gathering process.