Recruiting Skilled Talent In 100 Hours

Recruiting Skilled Talent in 100 Hours

Hire Fast

Hire Cost-Effectively

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Finding and recruiting skilled, qualified talent is very challenging for companies of all sizes.  It is not just the norm for a specific industry, function or level. With low unemployment and a talent climate that is favoring candidates, without a doubt the pressure is on hiring managers to move quickly.  To help with this pressure, a fully engaged recruiting team can get the job done quickly, efficiently and without giving up on quality.  

With the average recruiting time of 18-21 days, this 100-hour recruiting model can work.  There is no need to cut corners with the quality of the hire and the recruiting processes it, it just means recruiting is a priority to all involved and a proven methodology will need to be adhered to.

Recruiting skilled talent in 100 hours is actually doable and simple: Believe it or not the process itself does not change from the traditional recruiting/search process, the focus is on timing, deadlines, accountability and quick results. 

Recruiting skilled talent in 100 hours fits nicely into the average recruiting time of 18-21 days. Most often in these scenarios, hiring managers will be interviewing interested, qualified potential candidates in weeks 3 & 4 or days 15-20 of the recruiting period.  

100 Hour Recruiting Skilled Talent Methodology

Goal: To create a talent pool of approximately 100 qualified potential candidates and present 3-5 candidates within 3 weeks (100 hours). 


1. Days 1-5 (40 hours)- Start with a Kick-Off Meeting – Every recruiting assignment requires a kick-off meeting to set the objectives, discuss responsibilities, accountability, the creation of the target list, recruiting strategy all while focusing on the ideal candidate(s) the client is seeking.  The first three days are critical for the overall success of the project. This is when the talent pool is carefully being built and the recruiting activities are at the beginning of being fully executed.  Overall, the goal for the first week is to create a talent pool of 60 to 70 potential candidates, all with direct dials, emails, and profiles so that each can be connected with at least twice, via email and Inmail this first week.

2. Days 6-10 (80 hours in ) – The recruiting process is fully underway and calls have been made to each in the talent pool. The goal for this time period is to actually connect, recruit, vet, network and present the best 2 to 4 candidates while adding at least 30 additional potential candidates to the talent pool so that the total will be at approximately  100.

3. Days 11-15 (Completing 100 Hours Recruiting Skilled Talent – Following up and wrapping it up – During this time period communication with all parties involved must be focused upon. Speaking with candidates, the hiring manager and keeping with the spirit of a cohesive recruiting team is very important during this critical time period of the recruiting process. For which the goal to achieve success has arrived with either a hire or close to having one. Team goals results in team successes and makes for a very happy hiring manager. Need I say more….

This aggressive, focused methodology is not new. All it does is put actionable, accountable recruiting parameters around timing, process and results.

Lastly let it be noted and openly discussed that our experience in professional services recruiting shows that recruiting skilled talent in this industry requires on average 160-200 hours of recruiting or 4-5 weeks with a talent pool of approximately 200 names. These numbers are more in-line with recruiting reality for the professional services industry.

Just saying….

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