Recruiting Similar Talent & Skill Sets Can Be Done Efficiently and Cost Effectively

She is a one of a kind Fashion Super Star!

Whether a company is Rebuilding, Adding, or Upgrading


Recruiting Similar Talent & Skill sets can be done efficiently and Cost Effectively


In some cases companies are looking for a super star like the one in the picture and other times, there exists a need to rebuild, add or upgrade a team. In such cases where there needs to be multiple hires, there are a few ways companies can do this and do it cost effectively. Recruiting today is about efficiency, uncovering quality top talent and its related cost.

Recruiting is a process and when recruiting similar talent and skill sets it is even more important than ever to use a methodical research/name generation step as part of the recruiting strategy.   Research/name generation can be done internally or outsourced.  Either way be sure this step includes a comprehensive target list, targets specific talent (architect, developer, buyer, product manager, sales representative/territory manager, auditor) and the recruiter must have the mindset that in order to begin recruiting there must be at least 50 names on the list (exception: when recruiting tax, audit and consulting talent I recommend a minimum of 100 names). It is a goal, it helps with the process, it keeps the recruiter organized, it can be referenced as time goes on and recruiting continues. It has many great uses.   Now that the research is done and done well, it needs to be followed by a proactive recruiting process.

The proactive recruiting process starts with connecting which can be any way the recruiter wishes; telephone, social networking medium, emailing , texting whatever but you need to connect with all on the list, otherwise the research step is for naught.

Staying organized is a must. It creates efficiency.  A good recruiter can double the size of the list or even triple it.  Now you are humming…..As the connections are being made, potential candidates are being vetted, the best are being presented and those not making the cut are being told it is just as important an activity to create a network of professionals in this space.  The best way to do this is by getting your information (the recruiter’s) out to as many people as possible while the recruiting is being executed. Even to those who are not interested. Who knows this could change.

Long term, recruiters want professionals to know who they are and what types of positions they recruit for. Professionals need your contact information! How do you do this? It is easy! Just ask everyone how they would like you to deliver your contact information to them and also ask how they would like to be contacted next time.  What does this do? It makes you part of their professional network and he/she is now part of yours. You are now connected.

Additionally by having your contact information these professionals can connect with you when they are ready to make a move, want to refer or just chat. You now have a professional friend as well.  Oh so easy……just recruiting, building relationship and becoming a monster networker. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Recruiting multiple professionals with a specific skill set can be considered easy, difficult and scary to some. But by knowing and using the recruiting process it can be made simple and cost-effective.  Once again being organized creates efficiency and efficiency creates less effort which saves time and saves money as well.  This is music to everyone’s ears. Yes, recruiting multiple talent and skill sets and utilizing an efficient process can and does uncover top quality talent and creates a cost-effective way to recruit.

How can it be cost-effective? Companies have an option to negotiate the fee, suggest a flat fee if the recruiting is outsourced.  If it is done internally efficient recruiting efforts and filling the pipeline with all “A” Players who can all do the job, obviously results in awesome ROI.

Remember talent is a company’s greatest asset. So when recruiting, it is important to hire the best, most qualified player who can fit in the company’s corporate culture and whose long-term and short-term goals match the company’s .

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