Retrain Your Brain – Don’t Just Post & Hope – Take A Look At The Value of Recruiting With Organization Charts


Win the race for talent……

Understand there is more to recruiting then just key word searching and posting on social networks

I am suggesting it may be worth your time to learn how having access to clearly defined organization charts can prove to be a huge benefit and real asset to your recruiter toolbox.


Finding the right candidates requires training, dedication and hard work. In order to be a successful recruiter it is important to know how to gain access to the potential talent pool, understand the importance of building solid networks, the importance of engagement, the need to communicate the good and the bad, and be ready to find/hunt/search/proactively recruit the best candidates each and every time.

Be that recruiter who desires to be #1. Set yourself apart of the competition. Retrain your brain and get trained on how to do more to enhance your recruiting skill sets. A great start would be to truly understand the value of recruiting with organization charts. In the beginning don’t worry if you cannot create one yourself, but long-term set the goal to learn. Having this skill set will help your career long-term. It certainly can’t hurt.  

When starting a new search, try to resist going right to the internet or to the other tools that you may be comfortable using. Retrain the brain, step out of your comfort zone and try to create and build organization charts at the companies of interest around the targeted talent requested. (If you are not quite there yet,  find someone who has the talent to do so.)  The more you do it and use it, your comfort level with building and recruiting with organization charts will increase and its value will be revealed.

Please recognize that organization charts are mainly used to tap into the potential talent pool at the onset of a search and such results need to be exploited during the actual recruiting process to fully realize the value.

The message here is to have recruiters at least become of aware of the value associated with recruiting with organization charts. These charts offer a clear definition of a team, the talent, the reporting relationships at the target companies, while also taking the guessing out as to who needs to be contacted for the open position or contacted as a networking lead. This data helps with the messaging of the email and the call. Offering another advantage to those recruiting.

Obviously charts have so much more value compared to just a name, a title, or a public profile that is created by an individual. Again be reminded that many research tools and recruiting resources have limitations and should not be the only resource a recruiter uses. Again relying solely on the tools that require key word searching can and does cause recruiters to miss and overlook qualified candidates because of what is listed on a public profile or provided in a title. Again, resulting in the possibility of missing a candidate.Enough said, now just review the option of recruiting with organization charts and let me know your thoughts.

At the end of the day, a serious recruiter want to be #1, “the go to recruiter!” Step out of the comfort zone, create your own list of talent to connect with, build the best potential talent pool, be in control of your efforts and be proud to show them off to the hiring manager.

Sometimes we fail to understand or don’t want to believe that using only tools is the only way to recruit. Try not to think that tools are it! Social network are it! Yes they are part of it, but not all of it. By no means am I saying don’t use any of these tools, I am suggesting that recruiters need to if they are not all ready, become familiar with the benefits of recruiting with organization charts.

Here are my Top 5 Reasons that recruiting with organization charts has its benefits

1. Creates access to the potential talent pool while providing direct dials, emails and telephone numbers for ease of connecting. It is the foundation of the search process and important to the overall success.

2. Assists with filling the candidate pipelines for current and future assignment. This robust information also adds additional value by helping the recruiter with candidate tracking while building solid networks with professionals that will long-term create recruiting efficiency.

3. You, the recruiter is now the expert. You now have in your possession the potential talent pool that has been requested by the hiring manager. Such knowledge is priceless.

4. Having such priceless information helps the recruiter compare and contrast the interested and qualified talent who will ultimately be part of the candidate pipeline.

5. It confirms the fact that every stone was unturned. The desired were identified and reached out to. As were those who were referred to by the network of professionals housed in this space.

There is no doubt that there is a lot of information out there that recruiters can use to recruit solid candidates. But recruiting with organization charts creates efficiency, provides knowledge and can be used over and over again to recruit, track and build long-term relationships.

Don’t be that recruiter who limits their recruiting efforts to just tools.
Be that recruiter who has the ability to create organization charts, exploit what was obtained and build a pipeline of top talent. Increase your skill sets and set the goal to learn how to build and create organization charts. It can be very rewarding…….


Happy hunting, creating and successfully recruiting!

Sheila Greco


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