Recruiting Is Not A Static Event – Recruiting Efforts Need To Be Continuous

Recruiting Efforts Need To Be Continuous

Recruiting World Class Talent Requires Staying Connected

Recruiting Is Not A Static Event

Recruiting world-class talent requires having access to talent that is right for your organization. Leveraging talent intelligence/recruitment research can be the key to filling the pipeline with qualified and quality candidates but winning the war for talent goes beyond just the hire. In order to win the war for talent, I believe recruiting efforts need to be continuous. Recruiters need to network and stay connected will future potential hires.

Recruiters need to understand the importance of leveraging the data, talent intelligence/recruitment research that is obtained during the research phase of the recruiting process. As a recruiter with over 30 years of experience I believe successful recruiting is all about creating, maintaining and mastering the art of building relationships. It is all about who we know, right? So my advice is to get connected and stay connected with people and talent that could benefit your organization, not to mention you! It starts with the identification of talent and continues on for as long as you want it to.

Recruiting efforts need to be continuous. Winning recruiting strategies include the implementation of a recruiting process that starts with the identification of talent, employs proactive recruiting activities, focuses on vetting the qualified, presenting/filling the pipeline with interested world-class  candidates followed by staying connected with potential talent. Yes staying connected by creating professional networks and relationships that matter. I believe this forward thinking recruiting strategy will help companies win the war for talent going forward. Are you continuously creating, maintaining and nurturing relationships? I hope so.

Just saying… go get the talent you need before the competition does.

Sheila Greco



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