Recruiting Email….Statistics Show The Email Is A Reliable Way To Connect With Potential Candidates


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Connecting with potential candidates requires having an email



Over the last year I have been shouting out to the recruiting world the importance of having access to a corporate email when attempting to reach potential candidates. Part of why I am so compelled to continue to share this with you is based upon statistics! People have cell phones, people have their emails attached to their telephones and people read their emails almost instantaneously or at a minimum the subject line. What does all of this mean, recruiters need corporate emails to recruit and connect. And please don’t forget you still need to pick up the telephone and call.

Check out these statistics:

1. Cell phone ownership hits 91% of adults according to an article written by Pew Research Center

2. 49 percent of the entire U.S. population uses a smart phone
according to previous research from IDC. By 2017, the percent of smart phone
users is expected to reach 68 percent.

3. the #1 most popular app on smartphones is Email.

There you have it, the email is a smart choice for connecting with potential candidates. Oh my gosh, you don’t have a corporate email? Need to go get it or you may lose out!

Obtaining emails of potential candidates need to be as part of the research and recruiting strategy. This is recruiting 101 people.

While on the subject, be sure the subject line is interesting so that the email is read….my favorite email subject line for the day is; Heard you are a superstar, I am a recruiter so let’s connect. Lastly be sure the email is specific to the person you are sending it to. DO NOT USE A GENERIC ONE!

To Recruit a recruiter needs…

1. Research – Smart recruiters have access to data to include a comprehensive list of potential candidates. I create and use organization charts to uncover the potential talent pool.

2. Telephone numbers –  office number is fine, direct dial is great and a cell phone is even better!

3. Emails – Corporate and or personal email but an email is necessary.

4. Recruiting Tools – If you have LinkedIn recruit use it too, but don’t use it exclusively. Internal tools as well…..

Just saying….Happy Hunting!

Sheila Greco



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