Recruiting Efforts In 2016 Will Need To Be Aggressive

Recruiting Efforts in 2016 Will Need To Be Aggressive


Recruiting Efforts in 2016 Will Need to Be On-Going














In Friday’s  job report it showed that the United States added 292,000 jobs in December, making it the second-best year for job growth since 1999.  With employment rates at 5%,  many believe we are just about at full employment. If we really are at full employment, it may have cause for concern for those needing  talent.  To add a bit more of concern,  there too exists a  shortage of skilled workers too.  So……companies need to be aggressive with their recruiting efforts in 2016 as they look to hire, grow, compete and even sustain their position in their industry.

Don’t let the stock market dictate your recruiting activities.

Yes, the stock  is taking a hit right now, China’s manufacturing is in turmoil, but no need to fret,  the United States has shown resiliency during times like this before.

Now is the time to implement a recruiting strategy that is aggressive and continuous.

Be sure your recruiting strategy includes activities that will provide access to the entire talent pool of candidates. Be sure to use your professional networks and relationships to recruit. Use tools that are good for you! Use recruitment research as part of the recruiting strategy. Having access to a number of recruiting resources truly helps with uncovering the talent needed by most.

Don’t be that recruiter or team that limits recruiting activities in any way.   If you do, you obviously limit your potential recruiting successes and ability to recruit top talent.   If you don’t have access to them, you can’t recruit them. Find resources that will assist you with having complete access, not just a name, but complete access and contact information so you can get to this limited skilled talent group before the competition does. Seriously!

Stay focused recruiters!

Recruiting efforts in 2016 will need to be aggressive and on-going. Start the new year by using tools and methods that will give you access to the hidden talent, the passive candidates, the skilled workforce your company and clients need. Start identifying, recruiting, vetting, presenting and of course building your networks. Now is not the time to let up, pause or stop your recruiting efforts. It is time to be aggressive and get to know, not to mention hire the talent before your competition does………just saying.

If you need assistance with your recruiting efforts, SGA Talent is here for  you.  We have a number of options which can help  you with keeping your recruiting efforts aggressive and continuous while saving you money during the process.

Just give us a call, we look forward to it.





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