Sheila’s Top 10 Qualities Results Driven Recruiters Should Possess

Sheila Greco’s Top 10 List 

As a recruiter, do you possess these qualities?

Ask yourself, are you a proven results driven recruiter?



Having quality talent compared to the competition makes a big difference for any corporation and for that matter its leaders. It can greatly impact a company and a team’s overall success, competitiveness, sustainability and growth. Therefore having a strong recruiting team or partner is very important long-term. Yes, it is important to have the right recruiting team in place and it is just as important to have results driven recruiters who can and do recruit the right talent needed for each and every role.

Each company needs results driven recruiters. Goals can be set, matrix put in place but at the end of the day is each recruiter a performer? Are they effective? Do they possess the qualities that many results driven recruiters possess?

Hiring managers, staffing and talent acquisition leaders are you happy with your recruiting team? Their efforts put forth by the team and each recruiter? It may be time to access each individual on your team. In an effort to do so, feel free to review the qualities I believe results driven recruiters possess and use it as your guide.

Today I will be sharing with all of you the qualities I believe results driven recruiters must possess. Below are my top 10 qualities I look for when recruiting recruiters By no means are they in any specific order. Enjoy.

1. The need to have a clear understanding for who the client is seeking. A results driven recruiter wants a clear definition of the role, requires communications regarding the process, the needs, the wants and the soft skills the hiring manager is seeking.  Once this information is provided, the recruiter can then help build the recruiting strategy or the go-to-recruit plan that will deliver.

2. Creative, disciplined and prepared to be in a recruiter state of mind. Focus, focus, focus. I define the recruiter state of mind as putting your head down, going 90 miles per hour straight ahead and actively recruiting!  Only focus on identifying “A” Players not “B” Players who are interested. Once again focus on quality, not quantity.

3. Results driven recruiters are often organized, process driven, wonderfully savvy, always sharp, inquisitive and clever not to mention quick on their feet.

4. Great results driven recruiters tend to be very intelligent. Many great recruiters are naturally smart and have well-rounded, diverse knowledge.

5. Typically are solid citizens so to speak tending to choose the high road, instilling that throughout the team and with their recruits. Open, offering as much information as requested and able to provide. Thorough.

6. Performers! Results driven recruiters never give up until the successful hire is made.

7. Great listeners, willing to learn, determined to match the right individual to the right company, team and position. Look to recruit those professionals whose long and short-term goals match the company’s.

8. Flexible. Willing to work nights and weekends. Not afraid to do whatever it takes.

9. Aware of weaknesses and not afraid to go to the strongest team player to obtain additional information and if needed close the deal.

10. Dynamic, multi-talented and a cerebral thinker.

Not sure all your recruiters are results driven recruiters. Take a look around at your team, identify and then compare them to the others to see how each team player stacks up. People are a company’s greatest asset and those involved with bringing new recruits to your company must be “A” Players themselves.

Happy Hunting & Are your recruiters in the recruiter state of mind?

Sheila Greco


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