Using Corporate Emails To Recruit Today Is Like Using The Telephone To Recruit 25 Years Ago

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Recruiting with corporate emails produces results!

I know because I exploit this technique.





Using corporate emails as a way to connect and recruit passive candidates allows the recruiter to create awareness regarding potential opportunities to these highly desired professionals. It presents opportunities directly to the passive candidate talent pool allowing them to act or not. If this technique is ignored, these professionals may never have access to these opportunities or be plugged-in to them. In other words, it could be seen as a missed opportunity for the passive candidate. Using corporate emails to recruit has many benefits for both the recruiter and potential candidates.

Such a technique builds relationships. It is subtle, a non-threatening great way to network and recruit. I have discovered that this technique gets responses 2:1 compared to other recruiting techniques. Although not every response is a yes, let’s chat, but it is a response none the less. This helps create efficiency too by not keep me hanging and continuing my recruiting efforts with those who are not interested. It not only closes the loop for me with regards to recruiting, it also acts as the beginning of a relationship, whereby each party can potentially benefit.  These people now know me, our company, the types of roles we recruit for and they now have access to a recruiter who finds them valuable, talented and someone who can be a great resource.

As we all know, recruiting is all about networking and building relationships. So why not use techniques that can be built upon. Such efforts will assist us long-term with our recruiting successes and lasting meaningful relationships.

Now do you see why I believe in the importance of using corporate emails to recruit? It is actually my preferred way of recruiting.  This method also increases recruiting efficiency and speed. So when you proactively recruit, may I suggest you use corporate emails to connect and network with professionals of interest.

Lastly let me share with you a few recruiting tips……..

Sheila’s Top 4 Recruiting Tips Needed To Recruit Mission Critical Talent

1. First create the potential talent pool to recruit from. May I suggest building organization charts around those professionals of interest as a great starting point. Long term it is proven that this creates recruiting efficiency. It also provides access to the professionals who the hiring manager desires and come from companies that have produced the best talent for the client. For this you will need a telephone, the internet, access to social media and any other type of resources which have successfully helped you with uncovering talent.

2. Look into your ATS and databases for potential candidates and networking contacts. Add these professionals to the potential talent pool contacts to create the recruiting list. Step 1 and 2 act as the foundation of every search. Not one of these steps should be ignored.

3. Begin reaching out via corporate emails, direct dials, corporate telephone numbers, cell phones, and in mails. Never limit the number of ways to connect with these professionals. If you do, you wasted your previous efforts of finding these folks.

4. Don’t stop recruiting until you have 5-7 solid candidates. It is always easier to keep the momentum going versus starting and stopping. Although your efforts may slow down, don’t stop!

Lastly let me leave you with this, using corporate emails to recruit is a proven recruiting technique. It provides results needed to successfully, efficiently, and cost effectively recruit mission critical talent.

I wish all of you the best of luck in hunting for your next hire!

Sheila Greco

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