Proactive Recruiting – Passive, Happy Where They Are Candidates, Need to Be Recruited!

Fresh Passive Candidates for your next search

Passive, Happy Where They Are Candidates Need to be Recruited!


Proactive recruiting requires seeking out the best of breed candidates for each search assignment as set forth by the client.  Recruiting needs to be the direct result of contacting people who are sitting at the companies of interest, in a role that may be similar to the client’s, are quite happy where they are and are not even thinking about making a move.

Until… has been made! The opportunity has been presented, the conversation begins, the professionals are engaged,  interests are peaked, questions are being asked and the once “passive candidate” is becoming an active one for the role the recruiter is recruiting for.

Passive candidates are not looking therefore in many cases don’t even know about  opportunities simply because no one has told them about it. They need to be recruited! So having said that, passive recruiters not proactive recruiters can be missing out on great candidates.

What is wrong with this picture? Recruiters need to be proactive. It is up to the recruiter to make the introduction regarding the opening.  Proactive recruiting efforts can result in recruiting passive,  happy where they are candidates. Makes sense.?Of course!

A major piece to proactive recruiting is getting the message and opportunity out there to the right people! Passive candidates are not thinking about looking for a new job, they are working hard for the next internal promotion! They want to be rock stars where they are!

My advice to recruiters, hiring managers and anyone looking to upgrade their team, and company, proactively recruit.  It is irresponsible to rely on sitting back hoping the right, qualified, best of breed candidates will come to you.

My advice today is to proactively recruit the top recruits before the competitor does!

Once again, Keep It Simple Silly! Recruit proactively!

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