Poaching Talent From The Competition Should Be Part Of Your Recruiting Strategy

Poaching From The Competition  – An Essential Part Of  Your Recruiting Strategy

Poaching Creates a “Smart Roadmap” – SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accessible, Relevant Talent) For Recruiters To Act Upon

Poaching Can Be Used For Current Roles, Future Roles, As Well As Both Opportunity & Diversity Hiring



Poaching, recruiting, and ultimately hiring talent from the competition has many advantages, a recruiting strategy companies of all sizes should employ. Logically, it makes sense, since these professionals have direct industry experience and knowledge as well as transferable skillsets, all of which are a plus when looking to hire top performers.  No longer can recruiters rely on the unemployed and active candidates to fill open positions, because when they do, they just end up filling jobs, instead of hiring the right talent for the role.

With approximately 96% of today’s workforce employed, not only is the need to proactively recruit top performers away from their current organizations but the need to have access to specific, skilled talent before the competition does. With that said, it would be safe to say that proactive recruiting and recruiting poaching strategies are needed to say the least. This recruiting strategy has been proven to speed up the hiring process, produce more qualified candidates who possess many of the “musts” required and just as important the new hire can begin adding value quicker compared to those who may not be from one of the competing organizations.

Not completely familiar with poaching? Here is how I describe poaching; an activity of mapping the competitors’ organizations to identify talent to be used for networking, engaging, and recruiting skilled talent from a very specific talent pool. Poaching provides the opportunity for recruiters to have access to a robust targeted talent pool of potential candidates, full of rich data that creates a “smart roadmap” – SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accessible, Relevant Talent) focusing on people and experience. Having access to these professionals is just the beginning of the recruiting process because this data needs to be capitalized on by using proactive recruiting efforts to search for top performers who are qualified. Whether a company is searching for one mission critical role or multiple roles, the process of poaching from the competition should not be ignored but exploited.

Every company needs talent! Skilled talent that is. Of course, jobs are getting filled but not at the rate companies need. Sure, some roles may not require very specific skillsets but for the most part, hiring managers would prefer to hire professionals who can add value and hit the ground running.  Problem solved! Poach from the competition. Get access, connect, recruit, present and get it done!

As for future hiring, companies are constantly seeking better ways to beat the competition to qualified skilled talent and poaching can certainly help with these goals. Building relationships with professionals in these talent pools can help with filling roles that have suddenly become available due to a promotion or resignation.  Having potential candidates on your radar screen is invaluable!

Another benefit of recruiting from the competition and building relationships with these professionals is opportunity hiring.  Having strong relationships with top performers who are “not in the market”, who may be actively listening to the company’s happenings, possibly even approaching you regarding his/her next career move –  What hiring manager wouldn’t want to become aware of a top performer and reap this type of benefit? A HUGE win for any team and company! Without a doubt, there is evidence that the most desirable candidates are on the job market for “as little as a day or not at all. Get after those who are most desirable and don’t allow them to get on the market. ‘Knowing” the competition’s talent has its benefits.

Cost, Time & Money! Yes, poaching from the competition requires an investment of time, money and hiring the right recruiters who believe in proactive recruiting, but it is well worth it. Recruiting is all about gaining access to a specific targeted talent pool, engaging, networking, and creating relationships. Get started by poaching from the competition so that you too can beat the competition to the talent and reap the many benefits this recruiting strategy has to offer.  You will be surprised that the benefits outway the costs.

If you are not poaching from the competition, call me today to learn more. I look forward to it.


Happy Hunting.

Sheila Greco


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