Candidate Pipeline Development Is A Process – Take A Look Inside

Clients want quality candidates.

We want our recruiters to be efficient.

Together we want the most qualified and of course  we want them yesterday.

In order to achieve a quality candidate pipeline recruiters need to follow a process. No shortcuts please!!! Clients want quality and expertise, we hear this every day and of course this cannot be denied. Therefore by having a process to follow is one sure way to stay on course and create efficiency while hunting for the most qualified.

We exploit the process because our results show that it works. Our clients come to us because at a minimum over 90% of the candidates we present get an interview and over 90% of those hired are on average among the first 7-10 presented. It is not about the number of resumes presented any more, instead it is about the quality of candidates. The pipeline development process below is one that is routinely used in our organization. We do not skip any steps and of course we start with mapping the potential target pool. This process, I can attest to creates efficiency and more importantly the pipeline is the direct result of the recruiters’ ability to connect, vet and qualify. This always talks to the quality of the candidates who are part of the candidate pipeline. Yes as you can imagine recruiting I believe still requires the human touch.

As a leader, educator, practitioner in the recruiting world, I wanted to share with all of you our pipeline development process.  It is not proprietary, and I am hopeful it is similar to the ones that others use. If you wish, I welcome you to make it your own or at a minimum use it as your guide.

Don’t be afraid to show the mapping results when you present the candidate pipeline. At a minimum I suggest that you show each candidate’s organization chart, which by the way is another way to compare and contrast candidates.

Now may I suggest that you stop reading and go create the candidate pipeline your client deserves……. or if you wish share with all of us your candidate pipeline development methodology and strategy. Look forward to it.

Happy Hunting.

Sheila Greco

518 843-4611 ext 221


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