Our NEW White Paper: Getting the Most from Research

I’ve just finished my new white paper on "Getting the Most from Research and Why it should be Part of the Recruiting Process". We wanted to complete it in time for attending a conference that we sponsored last week, Hunt Scanlon’s "The Talent-minded Organization". What a hit. SGA’s Research services as well as SGA ExecutiveTracker Pro received a lot of interest at the conference.

Speaking with many of the folks who have also requested the white paper has helped me to realize that there’s still a wide range of people in our industry that don’t know research exists and also are not sure HOW to use it within the scope of their recruiting process.

If you haven’t read my white paper yet about research, you should! If you have, let me know your thoughts.

What’s in a Name, A title… titles? More than you know!! What is research? It’s more than a name…..
Let me explain and take you all through an exercise that my client has most recently done with our research project.

The client, a Fortune 500 company had us develop organization charts of the sales and marketing teams of its 20 competitors. One month later and over 1400 names, our client chose to do two things with it. He gave the names to the recruiting team to go off and recruit and fill a pipeline for current and future hires AND he gave it to the Competitive Intelligence Team to obtain profiles, ranking of executives by region(s), gain an understanding of the senior level executives and how they think, hire, promote from within, as well as a complete understanding of diversity and how they stack up to the competition. Wow, now that is a lot. He just called me the other day and said both Senior Vice President’s of Sales and Marketing loved it and will be sharing their thoughts with other functional areas and teams throughout the company. Now that is what I call “using research. “

We have built a thriving business on research because it’s a valuable service that continues to make our clients happy. If you would like to receive a copy of the white paper, or speak to me to learn more about how to use Research to its fullest, call, Register here, or email me.

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