Org It – Map It! Create Recruiting Efficiency

It’s all about creating efficiency and cost effectiveness. How often do we hear this when we recruit. Whether you are part of an internal team or a company like ours, our clients are looking to us to quickly and cost effectively present qualified candidates that can be hired.
We discovered along with many major industry leaders that having access to the potential talent pool creates efficiency. Call is what you want, it is all about having detailed information on potential candidates the clients wishes to hire. The best way to have this information is to Org It, Map It! Create organization charts around the candidates at the companies of interest.

What does mapping do for the recruiter?

Identifies who the recruiter needs to call.

It provides real time information, not found in a database.

It provides direct dials, emails and when requested profile information of the individuals, which in many cases can be found on the internet or matched to information the recruiting team has access to from internal sources.

In many cases it provides the data where the recruiter has 3 ways at a minimum to connect with the candidate; email, call and in-mail. If a cell phone is provided, not quite there yet with this, but yet another way to reach out.

Such data helps when it comes time to present the pipeline of candidates because the recruiter can present the organization chart along with the candidate to the hiring manager which as we all know can be powerful.

What else does this information provide?

Creates In-depth real time knowledge.

A look inside of the competitor’s talent.

Diversity review.

Information that can be used over and over again.

How does all of this create recruiting efficiency? By allowing the recruiter and the team to quickly have access to connect in an organized manner. Recruiting is a process, once again I profess and utilizing the process yields cost-effective recruiting.

Yes tools can be a great place to start, but if these are your only resources, recruiting efficiency in my eyes cannot be met. I have trained those who think recruiting is just sending an in-mail and once they see the results of having organization charts and such data, they too become believers. Take notice! Become a believer in research/mapping, call is what you want, but in all reality it works.

The fact is that having this data can speed up the recruiting process 3-4 times faster than just relying on databases and tools. We tested it! Therefore when you are getting ready to recruit mission critical talent, Org It – Map It!

Just saying…

Happy Hunting.

Sheila Greco






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