Join Us May 9th for a Free Webinar! SGA ExecutiveTracker the Other Great Recruiting Tool

Not Who You Know - Its Who We Know
Recruiting successes comes from proactive recruiting using name generation/passive candidate research & other tools to assist with getting to the right candidates. On May 9th, we will be offering  (3) free webinars that will show how we and our customers use SGA ExecutiveTracker as a resource. Thought we would share with you the wonders of SGA ExecutiveTracker because it seems to be a tool of choice amongst the customer base that is giving us a 93% renewal rate year over year.

We will also be showing examples of recruiting emails as well as effective voicemail messages, examples of research, tricks on how to do research, the value of passive candidate research and the value of quality data. Our goal is to help you, help your clients.

May 9 9:00

May 9 1:00

May 9 4:00

Sign up today at a time convenient for you.

Remember as recruiters, proactive ones, it is important that we use every channel available to reach out and connect with  potential candidates. Hope to have you join us.


SGA ExecutiveTracker – offering names not found on the internet.





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