No Use November! Use November As The Month To Pick Up The Telephone To Source And Identify Candidates – Please Sharpen Your Telephone Skills & Techniques

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No shave November!

No use November!

What is No Use November? It is simple. It is my way to introduce or build awareness around stealth research and the benefits of using the telephone to map out the potential talent pool. What better way to grow awareness around this talent and lost art than by using the internet to spread the news. However this of course it not the only way I do this since I still call people. So get off the internet, start mapping and use the telephone……PLEASE!

Recruiting is more than just using tools. It is scary to think recruiting has come to this. I may be old fashion but stealth research and mapping the potential talent pool is a must when recruiting mission critical talent. Truly stealth research needs to be part of every recruiters tool bag as does the use of the telephone.

No use November means giving up time spent with research tools, shaving the time spent on the internet and use the freed up time on the telephone! You will not be disappointed.

I challenge the many recruiters who solely recruit by using tools and the internet to source/recruit to stop or slow down such efforts this month. I want all of you to learn how to use the telephone for accurate research and name generation. If you haven’t been taught how to do it call me and I will try to help. Better yet I can train you if you wish. Please, try it!

No Use November is your time to focus on enhancing your mining talents by using the telephone to map out the potential talent pool. And of course to connect with potential candidates. Try not to rely solely on technology and sources that you may think are the end all be all. By using the telephone and mapping methods you will quickly discover, I promise increased efficiency and quicker results.

Join the many recruiters and sourcers who use the telephone to accurately map out the potential talent pool. Let me be the first to shout it out, the trend is to map it, org it learn it, and use this data to recruit from it. It is fun, exciting, rewarding and it keeps you learning!

You need the telephone so at least try it this month, No Use November!

Just saying…..

Happy Hunting!

Sheila Greco

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