Soft Skills Do Matter In The Work Place & Should Not Be Overlooked When Evaluating A New Hire







Soft Skills Do Matter When Hiring








When hiring technical professionals technical skills matter


When hiring  marketing professionals  specific marketing skills matter


When hiring data analytics consultants having the right skill sets matter


When hiring in general, soft skills do matter



Obviously matching a professional’s background to the requirements of the job description matters, however,  just as important is the professional’s soft skills.  Yes, soft skills do matter!  Long term new hires need to possesses soft skills sets to include strong work ethic,  positive attitude, and strong communication skills. Such crucial soft skills are the ones that count toward a professional’s  overall success which in turn results in the company’s and team’s success.

Having exceptional soft skills  do matter! Having these skills help make an employee a better employee and a leader a better leader.  Having the ability to trust,  be trusted, problem solve, delegate, motivate and build strong teams are a heck of a lot easier if a professional has strong soft skills.  Unfortunately way too often are these soft skills undervalued and even overlooked when evaluating a professional for a role. Moving forward, try to make it part of your interview process to evaluate a potential candidate’s soft skills because soft skills do matter. Let’s not believe or  expect people know how to behave on the job and assume they understand the importance of being on time, taking initiative, being friendly, and producing high quality work. Just saying…..

Happy Hunting!


Sheila Greco



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