Here Today Gone Tomorrow…Who is doing the updating?

People Change Jobs & Do Not Always Make Changes to Their Public Profiles!

Bad Names are a commodity! Quality Names are Not!

We all use social media and recruiting tools such as , LinkedIn, Jigsaw, SGA ExecutiveTracker, and others. Some are free and others are not, but we use them to source names for recruiting. One thing we must all understand is that fact that we need to get to these professionals today! Time is of the essence and it should be all about Quality not so much about quantity. Especially in the recruiting world.

We put our profiles out there on many free sites, but how often do we update them? How often do we answer questions, network, send over referrals? As we continue to get busier we will need to spend our time wisely, mostly focusing on things that we need to get done. Yes we will continue to network, but making instant contact is where it is headed.  Recruiters need emails, direct dials, cells phone numbers and more. Consider using tools which complement each other and be wise to the fact that not all tools will give you the hire each and every time. Tools that offer telephone verified information will win in the end!!!! Solely relying on the person to update their own profiles may not be all that smart.

Quality information yields the best results. 




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