Helpful Hints When Using SGA ExecutiveTracker

Here are a few helpful hints on using Tracker that will make your experience even better:

Hold down the "CTRL" key when you want to select multiple items within a pick list such as State, Job Function, etc.

Job Function is a pick list of Skill Set info that our Research team has appended to an executive.   Job Function is always good place to start because it picks up people that may have the Skill Set you are looking for but the word doesn’t appear exactly in their title. For example someone’s title may just be Director of Finance, but they may be in charge of Financial Reporting. Job Function will pick that up. 


Keyword Search looks for a word or phrase in an executive’s title. If you enter more than one word in the Keyword Search field Tracker will give you matches containing ANY of those words. If you enter more than one word in the Keyword Search field and put them within quotes, Tracker will give you matches containing ONLY those words in that exact order you entered them.

A combination of the Job Function selection plus Keyword Search can be very powerful.

Try the same search two or three different ways. By changing a parameter you will likely get some new names each time that are relevant to your search.

For ease of use you can keep adding to and changing criteria without re-entering all your search criteria to filter down and focus your search.

All your criteria is retained until you hit the "Clear All" button. It’s always a good idea to clear a previous search before starting a new one. You may have criteria selected you forgot about which will effect future search results. 

DURING your SGA ExecutiveTracker Pro SESSION:

Avoid using your Browser’s Back arrow or Back page button to return to the main Tracker screen from Executive and Company detail screens. Instead make sure to use the links designed for those purposes within the TrackerPro application. When you want to get back to the TrackerPro main search screen or your search results from other areas of TrackerPro, use these links:

the "Back to Search Results" link will bring you back to your search results and retain all your search criteria. This allows you to continue to build onto your previous search in steps without re-entering all your criteria, to focus down to exactly the list of executives you need.

The "Search for Executives " link brings you back to a "clean" search screen to start a new search, clearing out your previous search criteria

TO END your SGA ExecutiveTracker Pro SESSION:
Make sure to use the red LOGOUT button when ending your TrackerPro session BEFORE closing your browser. Closing your browser without logging out is often seen by our system as still "logged in" which prevents another login on your user id.

Most client help calls are not for "how to" questions, but result when user’s get "locked out" of TrackerPro because they didn’t Log Out and they need our support staff to reset their user id. User id lockout will reset by itself in one hour, but remembering to Log Out will avoid the inconvenience of a user id lockout. 

You can always contact our Support staff by calling 518-843-4611, email, or by clicking the "Contact SGA" link within ExecutiveTracker. 

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Fax: (518) 843-5498

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