Having an Identified & Engaged Pipeline of Ideal Candidates has Many Benefits

Having an identified & engaged pipeline of ideal candidates ready to recruit from makes recruiting sense and helps with recruiting the in-demand, highly skilled talent everyone wants.



It is six months into 2016 and there is no doubt that our industry has been experiencing one of the most challenging recruiting environments since 2008.   Recruiting specific highly skilled professionals, not to mention the perfect candidate the hiring managers are seeking is requiring the recruiting team to have access to the entire talent pool to assure recruiting efficiency while ensuring a quality pipeline of candidates.  In this day and age it is all about building awareness, creating strong professional relationships and networks that help us stay connected with the talent ourselves and the hiring managers’ desire.

Having a fully identified and engaged pipeline of ideal candidates has multiple benefits.   The main benefit is having the ability to recruit from an already vetted out talent pool of highly qualified and desired talent.  This practice certainly shortens the time to fill the pipeline of qualified candidates which directly decreases the recruiting cycle time immensely ultimately saving time and money.   This recruiting strategy is not just for the Fortune 500 companies but it is successfully being used by companies of all sizes who too have a hard time competing for the in-demand skilled talent.

The process is simple to follow and implement. At first it may sound difficult to do, but the more it is done, you will  quickly see how it creates recruiting efficiency.

Start by identifying the professionals of interest, connect with them, create company awareness, express interest in staying in touch and continue reaching out. Don’t fall into the trap of your networks being one-sided, be sure to offer assistance and guidance when approached. Don’t be afraid to email, call, in-mail or text these professionals as often as you wish without being a pest of course. Try sending out emails sharing company news, a networking text or just to say hello and is there anything I can help you with will also do. Be sure you continue to express your interest in them. Recruiting requires building relationships, maintaining them, while just as important making sure to listen and respond to their requests, questions or comments. Make a friend, be a friend and build your networks with thein-demand talent. This all makes recruiting sense.

As we all know, the talent shortage is not going away. Does your recruiting strategy and process include having a fully identified & engaged pipeline of ideal candidates? If not – you should definitely consider it.

 As always ….. If you want to learn how, let’s chat.

Sheila Greco

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