New Years Resolutions Are Goals & Commitments………

Resolutions, Goals and Commitments can be made at any time.

A New Year does not necessarily mean one suddenly becomes a new person or a company suddenly changes and all is well. New Years Resolutions are traditions to many, a goal intended  to help some become better people, better managers, healthier, thinner, more successful, so go ahead make the committment. Just keep in mind that change and achieving the resolutions on the list don’t just happen. As creatures of habit change may be slow but don’t let time get in the way. Success on many fronts comes to those who want it and work hard to get it!

I am a true believer that almost everyone wants to succeed at something. Having said that it wouldn’t be wrong for me to say everyone wants to succeed in life, and in order to do so, commitments, goals or resolutions must be put in place with the desire to achieve them. As a leader, coach and mom, I preach to all who will listen, that these committments and resolutions don’t just need to be at the beginning of the year, but whenever you want to. Additionally don’t forget these commitments can be tweaked or changed a bit to adapt to what is happening at a specific time. But goals need to be made! I encourage people to make a few resolutions, one for personal growth and the other for professional growth.

I say loud and clear, set your goals, set your commitments and go for it! Define success as it relates to you, your needs, your desires and don’t be afraid to make a reach goal if you are feeling it. As you make your commitments remember that you will need to incorporate whatever activities or duties necessary to achieve them into your every day life. Make them habits. Create habits that will make you better.

Lastly, as you make your commitment, say it loud and clear, print it out and post it on your wall, not Facebook but if you wish you can, but the wall you face every day at the office or home. This posting will be your reminder of the commitments you made to you!!! Good luck and go for it!


Sheila Greco


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