Good Recruiters Recruit – Better Than Great Recruiters Prepare Candidates

Even with Research, Recruiting, Sourcing, Networking, Identifying Passive Candidates and Evaluation – It All Can Be For Naught..

No Matter What the Scenario, Recruiters Need to Prepare their Candidates for the Interview Process.

Identifying passive candidates, sourcing, networking, recruiting, evaluating and presenting with knowledge are things  great recruiters can do in their sleep – but preparing a candidate for the recruiting process can be a whole different story.

As I have stated over and over again; good recruiters fill the pipeline of candidates with ease but the job really doesn’t stop there.  As a passionate professional in recruiting and passive executive research, I cannot stress enough the importance of preparing a candidate for the interview process.

You would think that when you are recruiting best-of-breed talent you wouldn’t have to prepare them for the interview process – right?  Well, let me tell you, beyond contrary belief this is not the case.  Believe it or not it isn’t a fact that every candidate we find knows how to interview or prepare for the process.  All your hard work can be gone in a moment if your candidate walks into the interview with an outfit only fit to be worn by Lady Gaga herself.   Although she is an incredibly talented artist and fashion guru, wish I had half of what she has, her attire wouldn’t quite be the fit for most of corporate America.  Having said this, my disclaimer to my fellow recruiting professionals is to prepare your candidates (whether you think they need it or not) with any and all the information you have regarding things such as company culture and what is expected of potential employees.  This is part of the process that is most often neglected or we just assume candidates know on their own.  Perhaps they do but why leave it up to chance.

Tips for preparing candidates for the interview.

1. Discuss the value of dressing for success.   This has been known to be a very sensitive subject with candidates – so tread lightly and use those personal skills you have developed throughout your years of recruiting.

2. Educate the candidate, discuss the corporate culture, the company,  the process, the biography of the hiring manager and why the position is open.

3. Explain the role and what is expected (an insider knowledge is always good).

4. Discuss with them potential questions to ask regarding the position.

5. Help them sell themselves.   Provide them with hot buttons that are relevant to the hiring managers expectations.

6. Advise them to be honest about their experiences and what they are interested in doing short and long-term.

7. Be sure to tell them to follow-up with a thank you to all they interviewed with.

These are just a few very basic things that I have seen get overlooked by recruiters because they are under the assumption everyone knows how to interview.  The fact is, professionals who have been in a particular position for any lengthy time period has more than likely no idea what is expected of them in today’s interviewing environment.

Recruiters, yes you are trained on how to recruit.   But success also rests on completing and filling the assignment. I believe that preparing candidates for the interview is an important part of the process as you continue finding, recruiting, networking, sourcing the best of breed talent for your clients each and every time.

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