Getting the Results You Need Out of Your Research & Recruiting Process

I am happy to say that the July 17 webinar we sponsored "Getting the Results You Need Out of Your Research & Recruiting Process" co-presented by myself and Shally Steckerl exceeded my expectations and was a HUGE success.

It was a dynamic presentation in great part thanks to our over 200 attendees and Shally’s cybersleuthing expertise. Our participants were VERY active in asking questions relevant to their everyday challenges in Research and Recruiting, and we did our best to answer them, with Shally providing a wealth of sourcing knowledge and a great amount of specific Internet cybersleuthing search tips.

I was especially pleased by the many Thank You emails I received after
the webinar from attendees, praising the value of the information and
asking for a copy of the slides. In case you didn’t get a chance to attend, Shally’s info combined with some techniques we’ve learned at SGA in our years of experience providing custom research and high quality candidate data to our clients is contained in the slide presentation, which is loaded with detailed info about maximizing the effectiveness your search process. You can click here to request a copy of the presentation.

A transcript of the great Q&A dialog we had is posted below. Based on the response from our colleagues you can be sure that more webinars are coming soon from Sheila Greco Associates!

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