The Recruiting Industry – Decades of Inspiration, Innovation, Obsession….. And Of Course The Need For The Human Touch As Part Of The Process

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The Recruiting Industry – 40 Plus Years In The


Constant Innovation –  The Obsession With Tools,

Technology And How To Make The Process More

Efficient, Cost Effective And Results Driven!

And The Need  Of The Human Touch To Get The Job




Have some of the changes to the recruiting industry been disruptive or just the continuation of the evolution of the recruiting industry? Similar to other industries, the recruiting world continues to evolve and to some extent still open to discovery. I am almost certain there is still something else out there that will be the next LinkedIn.

So what is next? What new resource is looming around the corner? What technology process will be the next disruptive one? Time will tell. As more and more enhancements and introductions enter the recruiting industry, we need to be reminded that there have been a few constants. Some of the constants include the need for recruiters to always add value, recruit top talent, be efficient and offer a cost-effective solution. Therefore in order to be a successful recruiter, it is important to have the skill sets to exploit the available resources, understand that quality should never be compromised by quantity, time is always of the essence and the importance of  creating relationships, engaging candidates and communicating with clients. Sometimes we forget that recruiting is a people business and are not as mindful of the importance of the human touch during the process. Don’t let the hype of new technology and recruiting techniques ever overshadow the importance of the human touch.

Forty years ago, when executives, hiring managers, and others in large/small companies took notice of the recruiting world, it was so exciting and new. Expectations back then may not have been as high, yet the need to perform was obvious. As the industry grew, so did the number of firms and the number of professionals. As the industry matured so did the opportunities to enhance, exploit and introduce new technologies, processes that looked to increase efficiency and reduce inefficiency. Today we are still awaiting the next big thing and looking forward to making the recruiters job a bit easier.

But again, I will say it and say it loud, none of these tools, in my opinion will ever replace the need and important role that the human touch plays in the recruiting process. Furthermore, candidates need to be recruited, screened and presented, all of which I believe require the human touch. Technology and key word vetting cannot ever replace a conversation. Don’t be fooled! Just saying…………..


Happy Hunting!

Sheila Greco




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