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SGA Talent – Sheila Greco Associates is celebrating 25 years this year. Part of the celebration includes sharing this milestone with current and future clients by hosting events across the United States. The first one was held in New York City in April, which of course was a great success. But it was also confirmation that creating and maintaining relationships matter. If you think about it, relationships are the building blocks of what we do, who we are and our successes.

Why? Because the relationships we have with our coworkers, business partners, and our business communities are the means for achieving our personal and team goals. We can agree that we certainly do not work in isolation: but work together, with others! All the more reasons to have strong meaningful relationships. Often times,   successes can be traced back to the relationships that have been created and with  individuals who have come to trust, support and respect each other.

So once again, relationships in our lives do matter. Relationships move us forward. Imagine a wheel in which you may be a hub or at the center and each spoke serves a relationship with another person. These relationships hold the wheel together which in turn helps move the wheel along. These spokes of relationships continue to move us, causing each of us to achieve many goals.

In our case, as with many successful businesses, relationships matter. Hats off to our team who have built and continue to build so many great relationships with our trusted clients. It helped us grow in a variety of ways because our clients continue to use us, refer and depend on us. As the relationships continue to build, grow and unfold, we need to be reminded that they need to be approached with integrity.

Relationships do take time and effort, but can be well worth it. It is always better to create relationships before there is a need so to speak. However, many long-term relationships started when there was a need. Often times this happens in business and relationships blossom as time goes on. Therefore it is now the time to thank all who have worked with us and continue to work with us. Your relationship with us matters!

Our recent event in New York was an example of how relationships matter. Although just 3 hours, the relationships that we either being sustained, created or enhanced were all meaningful ones. Personally it was an honor for me to be part of a group of very smart, high achieving, results driven, senior level talent acquisition and hiring managers. The many conversations were not just limited to general recruiting industry trends, but more about an individual’s successes, challenges and goals. Truly, an open and casual networking session. It was incredible.

Once again, relationships do matter. I know because it has helped us reach our 25 year milestone. My relationships with all our clients matters to me! As Harry S. Truman said, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” To this I salute both the SGA team and our clients. Thank you!

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Take it from me, Sheila Greco, relationships matter…..
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