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SMA of Great Chicago May 16. Insights on how to be more consultative and viewed as strategic regardless of your role in talent acquisition.

In recruiting there is no such thing as being overly proactive. Join Sheila Greco as she hosts an event in NYC November 5

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Join Sheila Greco as she hosts and presents “Sourcing Tips that will Provide Continuous Candidates and Reduce the Cost Per Hire” Come learn how Sheila helps clients implement a proactive recruiting strategy that is continuous by incorporating data (recruitment research/mapping) … Read more »

The “Favorite” Or The Most Qualified Does Not Always Win The Race Or Get The Job! This Includes California Chrome


The Favorite Doesn’t Always Win The Race.

The Most Qualified Doesn’t Always Get The Job.


Favorites don’t always win the race nor does the most qualified always get the job. However those who made it into the race, did it based upon talent. There is no denying it! Truth is in today’s competitive marketplace, often times there are a number of qualified contenders, all able to get the win. But as it relates to candidates, where someone stands in the line-up doesn’t necessarily guarantee the win or the job. Competing for a job no longer is based solely on qualifications. I see this every day. Yes, it is true, the most qualified person does not always get the job. The favorite does not always win the race.

Qualifications of course do matter because those candidates who make the candidate pipeline and get an interview, got it based upon qualifications. But unfortunately these qualifications don’t necessarily result in the most qualified getting the job. Even if all the boxes are checked and all the requirements met, it doesn’t necessarily mean the most qualified wins. There are other factors that play into the interview process and of course the decision-making process as to who gets hired. Some of which the candidate has control of and others not so much.

There are many reasons why a candidate may not get the job. The following are just a few I have seen as of late; no rapport between the candidate and the hiring manager, the hiring manager is forced to go through the process but ultimately ends up hiring an internal candidate or his/her friend, the hiring manager feels threatened by a candidate, and lastly, there exists a bias against the candidate. Other factors that may also play into the decision-making process could be; the candidate’s enthusiasm or lack there of during the interview process, lack of commitment, over-confident during the interview process, possibly stumbled at the gate not top of his/her game the day of the big interview. Lastly, the candidate may not fit the corporate culture. Whatever the reason, it is okay, not to get the job. The competition is fierce out there. The war for talent still exists in many functional areas and industry sectors. Getting the job you feel you are qualified for may not be enough. Oh by the way, as I have come to learn over the last 25 years, the best candidate seems to be a relative term.

But seriously, it is okay not to win. It almost always hurts and can lead to disappointment. But try not to let such emotions as anger or the feeling of being hurt stop you from moving forward. Obviously talent played a role of being chosen to compete among the many successful results driven competitors. Don’t be bummed out! Learn from it!  Pick yourself up, shrug it off and move on! Winners do just that. Remember talent is something that has been earned and cannot ever be taken away! The winner almost always goes to the one who performed the best on a certain day.

Lastly, as I see it, all candidates who are part of the candidate pipeline are all winners. For those being offered face to face interviews, my advice is to be prepared. Be ready to confidently communicate your qualifications, skills, talents and successes. It is important to present yourself truthfully—your personality and values, both of which will ultimately will win you a spot with a company which appreciates your talents and a place where you can be yourself. Never give up!

Whether you are labeled as the favorite or underdog going into the race, remember this, the favorite doesn’t always win the race. The most qualified does not always get the job. None the less, go for it!!! Give it your all. You could come out the winner!

Just saying…………….

Sheila Greco


Sheila Greco Associates LLC is Now SGA Talent



President SGA Talent

Sheila Greco Associates, LLC is Now SGA Talent
Sheila Greco Associates LLC gets a New Name due to growth and commitment to provide new solutions to clients


Amsterdam, New York – Sheila Greco Associates LLC, one of the original recruiting/ research organizations changed its name to SGA Talent effective immediately.

“The reason we have changed our name is to better describe our continued client services growth to provide more solutions to secure talent in today’s market. We have been described as the most innovative talent finders in our industry, and continue to provide full service research and recruiting related services with the same commitment we have since 1989.” said Sheila Greco, President/CEO.

The move consolidates the company’s brand into a single cohesive global presence where all of the company’s services involve finding the right talent; Passive Candidate Research (also known as Name Generation, Talent Mapping, Organization Chart Development), Recruiting, Customized Competitive Intelligence, SGA ExecutiveTracker (the only compiled and verified B2B contact database), SGA Live and SGA HR Talent and SGA Retail Talent.

About SGA Talent:

The company’s unique business model addresses many needs constantly facing hiring managers. Our team consists of experienced team members with most having on average a minimum of 14 years with the company. The Company’s services map out the potential talent pool allowing the recruiting efforts to be focused, efficient and cost-effective. The proprietary technology of SGA ExecutiveTracker is a proven resource which provides recruiters with a name generation tool that provides emails, direct dials, and biographies of potential candidates and networking contacts.


Contacts: Sheila Greco, 518 843-4611, Ext. 221 –

Tere Masters, (518) 843-4611, Ext. 226 –

Sheila Greco Partners With Marketfish and recently attends LIST Con 2012

Sheila Greco Partners With Marketfish

Marketfish’s LISTCon Event is a great example of how innovation, great partnerships and great people can and do many great things…….


Hats off to the folks at Marketfish for sponsoring a super event! Thank you for such an enlightening event with fantastic speakers.

Marketfish  is the only 100% self-service lead generation platform that offers free access to permission-based email and postal marketing lists as well as the ability to build and execute marketing campaigns, all in under thirty minutes.

Can you imagine that this exists! Well it does. The company’s President Dave Scott along with the team’s stellar staff has successfully launched this company that will take the industry by storm. I believe that within 12 months companies will begin relying on Marketfish to do a bulk of their marketing campaigns. I will give them 2 Thumbs up!

For what it is worth, I attend, speak, sponsor, and host a variety of events annually but this event has been one of the best events of 2012 ! The event started with a meet and greet, which was very lively, informative and fun! Who attended? Marketfish employees, partners, future potential partners and industry thought leaders. I think it was well orchestrated from start to finish.

Speakers were:

Charlie Stryker, CEO Venture Development Center – I wish I knew half as much as he does……

Steve Longley, CEO TPG, an Omnicom Agency – Incredibly engaging!

Don Hinman, SVP of Data Strategy – Epsilon – Often referred to as “Dr. Data”

Ken Magill, President – The Magill Report – if you are not getting his newsletter you should be.

David Fowler, Chief Privacy and Deliverability Officer  Marketfish – We all need to know what David knows about email privacy and laws around it!

Again I am introducing to my readers Marketfish! Look them up,  give them a try and let me know  your thoughts.

Again, thank you Marketfish for a great event!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sheila Greco






Sheila Greco’s Personal Approach To Social Networking

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Face-to-Face Networking has Many Benefits My Personal Approach to Social Networking Last Wednesday I co-hosted our third Recruiting Networking Event In New York City with InTalent Consulting.  This invitation only, intimate event is all about one-on-one sharing of information to … Read more »