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SGA’s 2012 Human Resources & Corporate Recruiting Compensation Survey

Am I being paid what I am worth?


How do I stack up to my peers?


As Human Resources and Recruiting professionals, it is understood that we must be aware of the salary ranges and restrictions put on positions and levels we are responsible for! While at the same time, we may often neglect to understand our own worth and how well we fare within our own functional areas as it relates to our peers.

Today, Sheila Greco Associates released the 2012 Human Resources & Corporate Recruiting  Compensation Survey.

As compilers of information we recently interviewed over 210 human resources and recruiting professionals to ensure the accuracy of the report. Salaries may vary depending upon industry, location and experience.

Corporate Recruiters:

Corporate Recruiter – $40,000- $70,000. The main differential is the number of years of experience. *Consulting and Financial Services Industries have paid recruiters as high as $120,000.

Corporate Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Manager –  $50,000- $120,000. Many interviewed stated that this level was hit the hardest with decreases over the last few years.

Director of Recruiting/ Talent Acquisition Director – $75,000- $175,000. The Director Title is found many times  in larger organizations.

Recruiting Leader/Talent Acquisition Leader /Vice President level –  $135,000-$300,000 (above the director level). Huge range but none the less there were about 7% of those interviewed right around the $300,000 level.

Human Resources:

Human Resources Manager – $40,000 -$77,000.

Human Resources Director – $60,000 (very few)- $130,000. There were a few earning $150,000. Most were at large organizations.

Human Resources Vice President – $105,000- $170,000. Please note 11% were around the $200,000 range.

Chief Human Resources Leader/Senior (Executive) Vice President – $180,000-$250,000. This is just salary it is not total compensation. There are a few professionals earning a base of $325,000 and beyond. Not many but some.

This study was conducted in July 2012 and released in August. This information is based on telephone interviews professionals in recruiting and human resources. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sheila Greco 518 842-4611 ext 221 or If you are interested in organization charts of these teams we may be able to help. Just connect with us.

I hope you enjoy viewing our 2012 Human Resources & Corporate Recruiting Compensation Survey.

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Let’s take a look  inside  SGA ExecutiveTracker’s  senior level marketing executives from a few Fortune 100 Companies.

1. Stephen F. Quinn Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Wal-Mart U.S.

2. A.J. (Alan) Kelly replaces Hal Cramer  as Hal retires, President Exxon Mobil Lubricants & Petroleum Specialty Company.

3. Shariq Yosufzai, President, Global Marketing at  Chevron

4. W.C.W Chiang,  Senior Vice President, Refining, Marketing, Transportation and Commercial ConocoPhillips

5.  Kelli Parsons Senior Vice President Chief Communications Officer Fannie Mae

6. Beth Comstock, Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer General Electric

7. Berkshire Hathway Inc Marketing Done by Divisions

8.  Joel Ewanick   Vice President& Global Chief Marketing Officer General Motors

9. Anne Finucane,  Global Strategy & Marketing Office at Bank Of America

10. James D. Farley Jr.   Group Vice President, Global Marketing, Sales & Service Ford Motor Company

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93.   Roger Starnes,  Vice President of Food Service Marketing Tyson Foods Inc

94.  Nancy Brennan Lund,  Senior Vice President Marketing Altria (Philip Morris Marketing is done by Division US Smokeless Tobacco Brian W.  Quigley.

95.  Jeffrey Hirsh, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Residential Services Time Warner

96. Judith Sim, Chief Marketing Officer   Oracle

97. Ian Hardgrove, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales   3M

98. Frances Emerson, Vice President,  Corporate Communications & Global Brand Marketing Deere & Company

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