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It doesn’t Matter Where I Go or What I do…….
I love the art of conversation and building relationships.
I enjoy getting to know people and who they really are!


As a recruiter and Monster networker, as I was most recently referred to as being, I believe every conversation counts.  Why? The reason is that at any time I could be recruiting for my company or for a client.  I also don’t want to forget about others who may be looking for talent tomorrow and will be calling me to ask me who I know. It is beneficial on multiple levels to build long-lasting relationships and it’s also my personality to try to help people.   I can’t help it – it’s just my nature! Should this be yours? Many of my conversations have deeper meaning and yours should too.

Like some professionals who are trained to understand who we are or profile us, I am trained to match people with companies and people with people.  How do I do this?  I have achieved this through conversations.   I get to know the person.  I ask lots of questions about who they are, who they want to be, what they like to do, and try to stay clear of who they think they are. Sometimes this is not so easy.

I believe that conversations and engaging people can lead to many recruiting successes. Whether these conversations take place on the golf course, dinner, event, or any type of face to face social interaction, you never know it could be a great time to put on your recruiting hat and if you are looking to further you career, it could help you get the job you are looking for. For me, the truth of the matter is that once people know I am a recruiter, many, almost always will start off the conversation with, “how is the recruiting business?”  Many of these conversations center around the job market, the people themselves, how they may be able to better themselves, position themselves for the future and many other topics that relate to their careers.  Will these conversation turn to a recruiting one? Maybe yes – Maybe No. At a minimum it is a networking conversation. In order for it to be a good one for all, you need to listen and engage. 

 Building Relationships help with recruiting! Remember it is not what you know, but who you know! The continuous effort to network and network with the right people can always be a benefit. Don’t be afraid to network….Don’t be afraid to start a conversation.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Just do it!

Let’s not let recruiting or networking ever get in the way of having fun, developing friendships or making it an obnoxious passion…. you must know the art of networking and conversation. You will know when the time is right…

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Sheila Greco

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