Leverage Your Networks To Recruit

People on the Move

Leverage Your Networks To Recruit World Class Talent

You take the time to create strong professional networks. You continue to build, nurture and maintain them. This is a skill many recruiters have mastered and successfully continue to leverage as they recruit world-class talent. You too need to be sure to leverage your networks as you go through the recruiting process to identify, qualify and present candidates to your clients.

Did you know that recruiting from your professional networks is actually one of the most effective best practices for recruiters to recruit world-class talent? Well, it is! Let this be your reminder to use your networks as you search for qualified talent for your clients. The number of professional networks you have is not important, but what is important is the fact that you have a wide network of connections. Such connections should include clients, former co-workers, industry figures, business owners, previous candidates, professional acquaintances, and others  who also act as hubs for access to secondary connections.

A great advantage of recruiting from within your own networks is that you are virtually recruiting from a “screened” community of talent that is all ready engaged. Another advantage of tapping into your professional networks for recruiting is that often times your contacts respond to the call, try to help and don’t dismiss the importance of the call. This being said, as people in your networks reach out to you,  you too, must be ready to act and assist as best you can. As I was once told by my father, networking is the key to success in any business. He continued to say that is important to build intimate, sincere relationships which can be mutually beneficial. 

In closing, let me say that any and all solid networks will serve you well today and for years to come. As a recruiter, allow your professional networks to become an additional tool in your recruiting toolbox. Recruiting is all about networking and relationships. Therefore, continue to build upon your networks and keep them strong. Leverage your networks to recruit, and success will follow.

Happy Networking

Sheila Greco






Stay Ahead Of The Rising Demand For Talent

Stay Ahead Of The Rising Demand For Talent

Be Ready To Make The Hire When The Right Talent Is Presented

Don’t Let Talent Slip Away

recruiting Needs To Be continuous

Keep networking. Keep the process moving forward.


People on the Move


We read it, hear about it and of course live it…. the war for talent is on. We are at the point where companies need to make hiring decisions fast and or faster than they have been accustomed to in order to compete for talent. Companies need to be in a position to make quick hiring decisions while making sure the hiring decisions are smart ones. The unfortunate part for those who act slowly, can result in watching the world-class talent  slip away go to the competition or simply become unengaged.

Hiring should not be stressful, or minimized by busy hiring leaders. Unfortunately sometimes hiring may take a back seat due to busy schedules, business obligations, the need to meet business goals and objectives. But none-the-less, as of late, we are seeing many hiring managers becoming fully engaged. When they are, the process couldn’t be better.

We all recognize that recruiting is not just about the recruiting process or recruiting strategy but really about hiring the right talent that will help position a company to compete and achieve positive results. Therefore when a search for a new employee is launched, it needs to be the focus of all involved. Otherwise it may result in an unsuccessful pursuit or loss of world-class talent.

Good luck to all.

Sheila Greco

Recruiting Is Not A Static Event – Recruiting Efforts Need To Be Continuous

Recruiting Efforts Need To Be Continuous

Recruiting World Class Talent Requires Staying Connected

Recruiting Is Not A Static Event

Recruiting world-class talent requires having access to talent that is right for your organization. Leveraging talent intelligence/recruitment research can be the key to filling the pipeline with qualified and quality candidates but winning the war for talent goes beyond just the hire. In order to win the war for talent, I believe recruiting efforts need to be continuous. Recruiters need to network and stay connected will future potential hires.

Recruiters need to understand the importance of leveraging the data, talent intelligence/recruitment research that is obtained during the research phase of the recruiting process. As a recruiter with over 30 years of experience I believe successful recruiting is all about creating, maintaining and mastering the art of building relationships. It is all about who we know, right? So my advice is to get connected and stay connected with people and talent that could benefit your organization, not to mention you! It starts with the identification of talent and continues on for as long as you want it to.

Recruiting efforts need to be continuous. Winning recruiting strategies include the implementation of a recruiting process that starts with the identification of talent, employs proactive recruiting activities, focuses on vetting the qualified, presenting/filling the pipeline with interested world-class  candidates followed by staying connected with potential talent. Yes staying connected by creating professional networks and relationships that matter. I believe this forward thinking recruiting strategy will help companies win the war for talent going forward. Are you continuously creating, maintaining and nurturing relationships? I hope so.

Just saying… go get the talent you need before the competition does.

Sheila Greco



Recruiting Emails – The Short and Sweet Version


Creating Short & Sweet REcruiting  Emails

That Produce Results





Recruiting with recruiting emails have become mainstream for many top recruiters. Not to mention a very cost-effective way to recruit. For many recruiters, it is as simple as taking advantage of  the large pool of potential candidate profiles and email addresses that are right in a company’s Applicant Tracking Systems and resume databases. The other very targeted and effective way to recruit is by leveraging the information gathered from recruiting research.

Below are a few examples we found to be successful.

1. Good afternoon, John. As a recruiter who works in your space I wanted to reach out to discuss an exciting role that may be of great interest to you. Let me know a time and date that may work so we can connect.

2. Good day John. As a recruiter I came across your name while I was conducting research for an analyst role we are recruiting for that is right in your backyard. Would you have time to connect so I can provide you with the details? As always I am interested in learning more about those who have great talent.

3. Good afternoon Lisa. As a talented engineer, I look forward to connecting with  you.  We are currently representing  Thermo-Fisher Scientific,  and I am very  interested in learning more about you and your career ambitions. Do you have time to speak?

Happy Hunting. Now go get the world-class talent you need before the competition does!

Sheila Greco



Why Companies Outsource Research And Recruiting Services


Recruiting World Class Talent Requires Time, Talent Intelligence and Continuous Contact With Passive, Qualified Talent

Should these services be outsourced entirely or selectively? What makes the most sense for your company?




When deciding to outsource research and recruiting services, many organizations start with the same question: Which activities should be outsourced, and which are we capable of doing in-house? Today with hiring on the rise and the war for talent at an all time high, many companies are being faced with the many challenges of meeting hiring and recruiting demands. Therefore the decision to turn to outsourcing research and recruiting services as a solution is under consideration and being reviewed as an option.

It can be agreed that the decision to outsource or not is never an easy one. The good news is that in our industry, the decision to outsource research and recruiting services is not an all or nothing decision. Outsourcing these services can be undertaken to varying degrees. Outsourcing research and recruiting services can range from total outsourcing to selective outsourcing. Whereby selective outsourcing may only target a single task or a few. Ultimately the choice to outsource is due to the fact that the company believes the decision will result in gains in profitability and efficiency.

After discussing this topic with 25 talent acquisition leaders, human resources professionals and C-level individuals, I discovered there are 5 main business drivers that motivates a company’s decision to outsource research & recruiting services.

Cost SavingsWhen companies outsource research and recruiting services they typically do so with partners that specialize in specific areas such as research, mapping, sourcing, and recruiting. This decision is based upon the reasoning that these functions can be performed more efficiently than the company, or simply by virtue of transaction volume. As for some of the larger companies and those companies with strong internal executive search teams, the cost of outsourcing outweighs the cost of hiring a new employee. 

The ability to exploit a flexible work force often allowing for scalability.  As we have come to learn, hiring needs can change weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.  These fluctuations in hiring demands can be very challenging for a company’s existing staff and by outsourcing research and/or recruiting services on an as needed basis simply makes sense.

Access to a broad yet targeted potential talent pipeline of world-class talent. We are now in a time where recruiting world-class talent is very competitive and requires access to a broad yet targeted potential pipeline of world-class talent. By outsourcing, a company’s recruiting efforts may not be just limited to internal databases, social networks, LinkedIn and employee referrals. The additional outside resources can provide a larger reach, providing talent intelligence in turn increasing a potential talent pool.

Expertise and Competitive Advantage. As for small companies, or those not having  the same recruiting capabilities as larger companies, outsourcing research and recruiting to experts simply allows these companies to compete for the same talent. It can put these companies on an even playing field in their search for world-class talent.

Accountability outsourcing is predicated on the understanding, shared by company and partner alike, that such arrangements require quality service in exchange for payment. To some degree it is a given that by paying for research and recruiting services creates the expectation of performance. In our industry we often hear, “time is of the essence; when can I expect to get candidates; when can I expect to get research?…….” When these services are outsourced, there is little wiggle room for mediocrity, inefficiencies and non-performance. Greatness and results are expected.

The decision to outsource any service is a major strategic one for most companies, since it involves weighing the potential cost savings, efficiency, and to some against the consequences of a loss in control. However, unlike outsourcing other services outside of research and recruiting services, the client is still in control of the process and cost. Furthermore, understanding there are other research and recruiting services providers out there, the chosen outsourced partner is expected to produce. If the results are not realized, the process is not efficient and cost savings is not present, the client has the option to go to another service provider. So if you are a service provider of these services it is important to over deliver and do it cost effectively. Just saying…..


Sheila Greco



Don’t Lose Best In Class Talent To The Competition – Candidates Will Have Options – Recruiting Efforts Will Need To Be Stepped Up


Recruiting Will Be Competitive This Year

Candidates Will Have Options

Best In Class Talent Will Be A Hot Commodity

Recruiting Will Need To Be Proactive

……..Reactive Recruiting Is So Yesterday


According to the Kiplinger Report, the job market in 2014 saw an increase of 2.953 million jobs with 2015 shaping up to do even more. It also reported that unemployment should fall to 5.3% by the end of 2015. Therefore, for many, especially recruiters, there is an enormous amount of positives to look forward to this year.

All of the industry indicators confirm that recruiting top talent will be competitive this year creating a marketplace where candidates will have options. With job openings expected to be on the rise, companies need to be aggressive with their recruiting efforts and recruiters need to be ready to perform in order to meet the market demands. It is all about the candidate this year and winning the war for talent. 

If you want to be a Recruiting Rock Star in 2015 you had better step your recruiting game.  Recruiters who want to succeed and exceed, must pay close attention to this year’s trends, the economy and every other detail that affects finding superior talent. In 2015, Best-in-Class recruiters have the opportunity to separate themselves from the pack by demonstrating tenacity and their creative approach to achieve the goal of winning the war for talent.  This year presents an opportunity for great recruiters to set the bar and establish themselves as recruiting geniuses and strategically position themselves as experts providing stellar candidates.

Rock star recruiting will require a proactive approach. Foresight and strategic planning will take center stage. Lazy recruiting tactics will no longer net even baseline results.  This year, unlike the past few years, will be the year where recruiters will need to identify, connect, vet and present qualified candidates quickly. Successful recruiters must focus their efforts on Proactive Recruiting.  Gone are the days of posting, waiting and hoping. I caution those slow to make the change, to be prepared to fall short of recruiting expectations.

Corporate executives and hiring managers will need to be mindful of timing and potential candidate options. It will be imperative for companies to react quickly and commit to qualified candidates before the competition does. Companies slow to hire in 2015 may find themselves losing top talent to their competitors which may have devastating effects on their competitive edge. Additionally, it should be noted, that by waiting, pausing or delaying talent acquisition, companies may unintentionally increase their costs for recruiting not to mention job vacancies being open a bit longer.

This is truly the year where timing is everything – Proactive recruiting, smart recruiting and aggressive hiring will ensure companies are securing best in class talent and not risking the loss of such talent to their competition.

Winning the war for talent in 2015 could reach insanity! Don’t let best in class talent slip away or for that matter, not be found. Step out of the comfort zone and aggressively seek the talent you want. Don’t find yourself competing with talent that is easy to find – the candidates everyone else is calling and those that are easily accessible. This is certainly the time to seek out the talent you want from the companies you want and recruit them! Find, Connect and Entice top talent! Tell them your story and how they may succeed at the organization you are recruiting for. Lastly, don’t forget to stay connected with them. Be sure to establish meaningful business relationships with these professionals. You just never know who will be your next hire…..

Want to win? Then step up your game! As the demand for talent heats up, it causes the supply to cool down. Unfortunately, this can mean that the process to recruit the best and the brightest talent may become a constant and costly battle. This is the year of change. It is a candidate-driven marketplace. Candidates will have options. Please do not limit recruiting efforts to reactive recruiting. This is the year that recruiting strategies will need to employ proactive recruiting strategies to limit candidates’ options and recruit them before the competition does!

Now, go get the best in class talent before your competition does. Candidates will have options.

Just saying!!

Happy Hunting!

Sheila Greco


Exploiting Intelligence Will Be Part of Future Recruiting Strategies




Intelligence will be part of future recruiting efforts.







Recruiters know how to successfully identify talent amongst the crowd. They also know how to exploit the intelligence gathered during the research/sourcing process. Often realizing the value of such intelligence and the importance it plays in creating a strong pipeline. But what happens to this intelligence once the pipeline is filled? Is the once sought after talent suddenly dismissed? Forgotten?  I sure hope not! They could be part of the next candidate pipeline. Even the next hire. That being said, it is important to cultivate relationships with such talented professionals. Don’t waste the intelligence that was captured. Not to mention the time, energy and money spent. Be aware that intelligence will be part of future recruiting efforts.

Not measured on cultivating relationships? Probably true. But making it part of your recruiting practice is not a waste of your time. Soon enough there will be emphasis put on capturing and exploiting the mapping intelligence. The change in the marketplace is all ready occurring. Internal executive recruiting teams are beginning to take notice and monitoring top talent in the industry. It includes, mapping talent at companies of interest while tracking “A” Players. Yes, the industry is moving in this direction. Senior management has Intelligence on their radar. They are becoming more and more aware of the importance of such intelligence. Therefore I am a true believer that intelligence will be part of future recruiting efforts and strategies.

Lastly, no one can argue the fact that intelligence often results in attracting more talent than the company needs. Routinely over producing, creating efficiency while quickly filling the pipeline with exceptional candidates. All the more reason to cultivate relationships with the professionals identified. The goal needs to be that the recruiter gets to know them and they get to know you! As the relationship unfolds do begin to softly sell the company and the benefits related to working there.

Happy Hunting.

Sheila Greco



Results & Customer Driven Teams Along With Loyal Clients Are The Foundation Of SGA Talent’s Success


Thank you SGA Talent Teams, You All Rock!

Thank you loyal and returning clients, You All Rock!

Here is to the next 25 years!


I just want to say that I truly believe that our teams and clients just as they were 25 years ago continue to be SGA Talent’s greatest assets. Thank you all. You are the foundation of our success!

The strong loyalty of both cannot be duplicated, here is to another 25! As we make our way into the 4th quarter of 2014, I would personally like to say thanks to all who have made the first 25 years of Sheila Greco Associates LLC – SGA Talent a successful one.

Looking back it has been an interesting great journey. SGA Talent started as a research house offering mapping/research mainly to search firms. At the request of our clients we entered into the recruiting/pipeline generation business. Shortly thereafter, we made a logical decision to enter into the business of customized competitive intelligence/business intelligence and in 2005 we launched SGA ExecutiveTracker. Throughout our history, SGA Talent has undergone many changes, and continues to evolve, but one thing is for certain, we understand the importance of delivering results driven services that help our clients succeed and keep them coming back.

As Mahatma Gandhi quoted, “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.” All so true.

As the close of 2014 decends upon us, let me say,  thank you to our loyal clients and we are looking forward to welcoming the new ones. It is all about the team and accomplishing the goals together.

As we have done in the past, lets continue to do it in the future; learn from each communicate, deliver, and understand the true meaning of the word partnership. In our world where time is of the essence, supeior results are expected and being cost conscious is the norm lets walk along side each other and continue to be succcessful as a team.



Interesting Side Notes…Winning in the marketplace requires winning in the workplace

It’s all about winning in the workplace!

Happy employees make a difference to a company’s overall success.

I believe that a company’s carefully-maintained employee-first culture can and does positively effect its bottom line.


Business Talks
Winning in the marketplace is certainly the main focus of any company. But just as important is the company’s ability to take care of business in the company’s workplace. Yes, to me, it is all about winning in the workplace that drives the company’s success. I cannot stress enough, the fact, that people are a company’s greatest asset.

Creating a quality and winning workplace filled with content and high-flying team players does make a difference. I recently came across a quote from Doug Conant, ex CEO Campbell Soup which stated, ” To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” To me, this says it all. As a business owner of a small company I know the importance of having happy people in our workplace and how it has played and continues to play in our overall success.

As I look to maintain and build upon a winning workplace, the following are a few of our company’s “must haves”  to ensure we are winning in the workplace. Please note that they are not in any specific order.

1. Offer competitive salary with the opportunity to earn more based upon individual and team successes.

2. Have in place an environment that offers a challenge to each team, holding each accountable while offering a real sense of ownership to completed projects.

3. Make available necessary tools that will assist with the each team player’s successes.  I believe there needs to be relevant tools and proven processes in place to empower each employee.

4. There also must exist the opportunity for career advancement, creativity and it is okay to fail while trying something new environment.

5. Hire those who will make the team stronger. I have also learned that creating a winning workplace environment requires the need to ensure every new hire is a great one. Again, looking to maintain and enhance the all ready great colleague type of environment.

6. As a leader it is important to keep morale high, create that positive and winning workplace that will keep turnover to a minimum. It also means promoting, hiring and training leaders others want to work for.

7. Always promote the concept that the customer is always right attitude. It starts at the top and should be part of the corporate culture.

What do you believe is important to winning in the workplace?


Sheila Greco

The Recruiting Industry – Decades of Inspiration, Innovation, Obsession….. And Of Course The Need For The Human Touch As Part Of The Process

Boston City Flow

The Recruiting Industry – 40 Plus Years In The


Constant Innovation –  The Obsession With Tools,

Technology And How To Make The Process More

Efficient, Cost Effective And Results Driven!

And The Need  Of The Human Touch To Get The Job




Have some of the changes to the recruiting industry been disruptive or just the continuation of the evolution of the recruiting industry? Similar to other industries, the recruiting world continues to evolve and to some extent still open to discovery. I am almost certain there is still something else out there that will be the next LinkedIn.

So what is next? What new resource is looming around the corner? What technology process will be the next disruptive one? Time will tell. As more and more enhancements and introductions enter the recruiting industry, we need to be reminded that there have been a few constants. Some of the constants include the need for recruiters to always add value, recruit top talent, be efficient and offer a cost-effective solution. Therefore in order to be a successful recruiter, it is important to have the skill sets to exploit the available resources, understand that quality should never be compromised by quantity, time is always of the essence and the importance of  creating relationships, engaging candidates and communicating with clients. Sometimes we forget that recruiting is a people business and are not as mindful of the importance of the human touch during the process. Don’t let the hype of new technology and recruiting techniques ever overshadow the importance of the human touch.

Forty years ago, when executives, hiring managers, and others in large/small companies took notice of the recruiting world, it was so exciting and new. Expectations back then may not have been as high, yet the need to perform was obvious. As the industry grew, so did the number of firms and the number of professionals. As the industry matured so did the opportunities to enhance, exploit and introduce new technologies, processes that looked to increase efficiency and reduce inefficiency. Today we are still awaiting the next big thing and looking forward to making the recruiters job a bit easier.

But again, I will say it and say it loud, none of these tools, in my opinion will ever replace the need and important role that the human touch plays in the recruiting process. Furthermore, candidates need to be recruited, screened and presented, all of which I believe require the human touch. Technology and key word vetting cannot ever replace a conversation. Don’t be fooled! Just saying…………..


Happy Hunting!

Sheila Greco