Complementary Webinar “Pipeline Development: Using Today’s Conversations for Current & Future Pipelines”

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“Pipeline Development: Using Today’s Conversations for Current & Future Pipelines”

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Presented By:

Sheila Greco, President,  Sheila Greco Associates

Co-Sponsored By:

SWAT  Recruiting – Mark Berger

Kennedy Information – Recruiting 2008 Conference & Expo

Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Time: 1:00 PM  EST

Who Should Attend:
Staffing  Professionals
Recruiting Professionals
Hiring Professionals

Candidate pipeline development and cost to hire is a primary concern of every human resources professional. In this webinar:
•    Learn proven cost-effective methods that increase your productivity and decrease the time it takes to hire/recruit the right candidate.
•    Learn practical methods to use and build on the information you gather today for future hires.
•    Gather valuable insight on decreasing time-to-hire by continuous focus on collecting the “right” information.

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Sheila Greco announced as featured speaker at Online Recruitment Conference & Expo September 9-10

Sheila Greco announced as featured speaker at’s Online Recruitment Conference & Expo September 9-10, presenting: “Best Practices Combining New Technology with Traditional Sourcing Techniques: Lessons from Two Decades in the Field”

Sheila Greco, President and CEO of Sheila Greco Associates LLC, a True Recruiting Solutions Company, recently accepted an invitation to speak at’s Online Recruitment Conference & Expo September 9-10.

Sheila’s session is “Best Practices Combining New Technology with Traditional Sourcing Techniques: Lessons from Two decades in the Field”. Since 1989 Sheila Greco has been working closely with clients to help them identify professionals to recruit and target, understand industry trends, and find valuable intelligence on their competitors.

Greco stated, “Our team has been focused on investing in the latest technology and internet based tools, but we are also still very firm believers in a foundation of traditional research practices based on our experience and the proven results delivered to our clients. I’m honored to be invited to Onrec, and happy to help attendees by sharing the experiences and lessons we have learned after being in the trenches over the past 20 years.”

If you are interested in receiving a significant discount on attending’s Online Recruitment Conference & Expo, go to register for the Online Recruitment Conference & Expo and plug in the special SGA discount code at registration: 7zBGkX. 

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SGA user testimonial posted on LinkedIn

Thanks to Rob Daugherty, Executive Vice President & Managing Director at Tri-Worth Solutions, for posting a positive endorsement about SGA in answer to a question posted by Brian Thibodeau of Korn/Ferry Futurestep on LinkedIn Answers. It’s great to see yet another satisfied customer of SGA.

Helpful Hints When Using SGA ExecutiveTracker

Here are a few helpful hints on using Tracker that will make your experience even better:

Hold down the "CTRL" key when you want to select multiple items within a pick list such as State, Job Function, etc.

Job Function is a pick list of Skill Set info that our Research team has appended to an executive.   Job Function is always good place to start because it picks up people that may have the Skill Set you are looking for but the word doesn’t appear exactly in their title. For example someone’s title may just be Director of Finance, but they may be in charge of Financial Reporting. Job Function will pick that up. 


Keyword Search looks for a word or phrase in an executive’s title. If you enter more than one word in the Keyword Search field Tracker will give you matches containing ANY of those words. If you enter more than one word in the Keyword Search field and put them within quotes, Tracker will give you matches containing ONLY those words in that exact order you entered them.

A combination of the Job Function selection plus Keyword Search can be very powerful.

Try the same search two or three different ways. By changing a parameter you will likely get some new names each time that are relevant to your search.

For ease of use you can keep adding to and changing criteria without re-entering all your search criteria to filter down and focus your search.

All your criteria is retained until you hit the "Clear All" button. It’s always a good idea to clear a previous search before starting a new one. You may have criteria selected you forgot about which will effect future search results. 

DURING your SGA ExecutiveTracker Pro SESSION:

Avoid using your Browser’s Back arrow or Back page button to return to the main Tracker screen from Executive and Company detail screens. Instead make sure to use the links designed for those purposes within the TrackerPro application. When you want to get back to the TrackerPro main search screen or your search results from other areas of TrackerPro, use these links:

the "Back to Search Results" link will bring you back to your search results and retain all your search criteria. This allows you to continue to build onto your previous search in steps without re-entering all your criteria, to focus down to exactly the list of executives you need.

The "Search for Executives " link brings you back to a "clean" search screen to start a new search, clearing out your previous search criteria

TO END your SGA ExecutiveTracker Pro SESSION:
Make sure to use the red LOGOUT button when ending your TrackerPro session BEFORE closing your browser. Closing your browser without logging out is often seen by our system as still "logged in" which prevents another login on your user id.

Most client help calls are not for "how to" questions, but result when user’s get "locked out" of TrackerPro because they didn’t Log Out and they need our support staff to reset their user id. User id lockout will reset by itself in one hour, but remembering to Log Out will avoid the inconvenience of a user id lockout. 

You can always contact our Support staff by calling 518-843-4611, email, or by clicking the "Contact SGA" link within ExecutiveTracker. 

Tere Masters
Vice President, Operations
Sheila Greco Associates, LLC
174 County Highway 67
Amsterdam, NY 12010
Telephone: (518) 843-4611
Fax: (518) 843-5498

SGA’s Summer Hours (May 23, 2008 – September 1, 2008)

are Monday – Thursday 8:30-5:00pm & Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm EST

One Company – Four Services
Research – Recruiting – Customized Competitive Intelligence – SGA ExecutiveTracker

SGA ExecutiveTracker latest developments….

We’re very pleased that SGA ExecutiveTracker is a continuing success.  Launched just 3 years
ago, this contact research & recruiting  tool is being used by many of the top search firms and Fortune 500 Companies, and being shared by many of their sales teams as a useful tool.

One of the major reasons for our success is that compared to other contact databases, SGA ExecutiveTracker is telephone verified and can be searched by 35 variables among them, company name, title, etc. Our titles can be described up to six ways for example; manager of lipitor, manager of crm, director of database marketing, etc. As we continue to compare our tool to others used in our space we see more and more contacts in our records, giving the most robust telephone verified executive contact listings available for the companies we track such as:  Pfizer, American Express, Bank of America, Deloitte, Procter & Gamble, and thousands more….

Also in the quest to gain more biographical data we created an ADD Me feature… allowing people to easily submit their own info that they may want added to the database.

We continue to enhance the SGA ExecutiveTracker service, have never raised our prices and get feedback every day from our clients as to what is hot and what is not. We change as the industry changes and evolves. 

Remember, custom research is still the foundation of a great search, and it’s still our bread and butter here at SGA, but SGA ExecutiveTracker Pro is a wonderful tool to help enhance and jump start the search process for you….happy hunting.

To learn more, call us today at 518-843-4611, visit our corporate website, or register for a demo.

The Best Advice I Ever Got

In our business we are constantly being asked for advice and always listening to the advice we are given! I must say that my mother always said to listen and digest the advice being given, even if you don’t do everything that you were advised to do, because you may need to look back at it someday and use it. To me, that is the best advice I ever got and it forever helps me.

Here are my Top 10;

1. In high school I was told if you are going to play softball, any sport, or just be successful in life, always be prepared, ready and give it 110% the moment you step on to the field.

2. In college, you play like you practice!

3 While on vacation with my dad he said ( my first one in my first job), when you work, you work hard,  when you have vacation time you take it and enjoy it!

4. In first job, I was mentored by 2 Procter & Gamble hot shot sales guys, who said in order to succeed, you need to set your individual goals vs what the company has set for you…….

5. My accountant always says……you can love your peers, your clients, your competitors etc, but business is business and you are in business to make money.

6. It is what it is!!! And don’t forget that.

7. Before you speak, be sure you think ……you cannot take back what you said or what was heard!

8. A friend, an advisor and mentor continues to say, you can take one of two roads….. the one which is planned and strategically created or the road that has no direction which can lead to disaster

9. Allow your team to dream, be creative, think out of box AND make mistakes The results are usually the development of new services, enhanced methods and a positive workplace.

10. Don’t forget you are a mother first!

Obviously there are so many more. What are yours. Please let us know. Tag you are it!

The Skinny on Research & Recruiting – Lingo Simply Defined

I love what I do and for those of you who know me do know that I like to work hard and play hard. My team for the most part lives by this as well. So when it comes to work, we give it our all and then some. So as we go thru our day, we are continuously fielding calls from current and future clients. Over the years we have learned to always ask new clients to tell us exactly what their needs are so we can offer the services that make sense to their immediate needs. What we continue to experience is the fact that there are a number of names used to describe research and recruiting services. So I recently wrote an article describing the two “R”’s. I hope you enjoy it.

The Skinny on Research & Recruiting – Lingo Simply Defined
I have been in the recruiting world since 1984 and have experienced many things along the way, but what continues to puzzle me is that our industry continues to use a number of different terms to describe the same services.

The terms I am referring to are research and recruiting, both of which are typically used as part of the entire recruiting process. Each service plays an important role in the successful completion of the process. With regards to descriptions and definitions of these two “R” words, standardization has not been achieved. I have discussed this topic with many of my peers, competitors, clients etc and we all seem to agree that each needs to be defined.

The Telephone Rings and we often hear…… “I need research, sourcing, candidate identification. We need your firm to help us with recruiting, pipeline development, profiling, candidate development, identifying passive candidates.” Usually we respond by saying, “yes, we can help but, define exactly what you need and we will provide you with the service that will offer you the results you are expecting.” As a service provider it is important to completely understand what the client needs, prior to accepting or declining the assignment. With more and more recruiting professionals leveraging outsourced resources and the ever-increasing number of research providers in the market place, it is time to make an attempt to standardize the meaning of the two “R” words. Let me also add that as we continue to offer these services, we need to educate the potential clients as to the definitions, similarities, and differences between the two “R’s”.

What is research? In our industry, it can best be described as the identification of unsolicited passive candidates from a target list of companies and/or competitors. It is typically delivered to the client in Excel, Word, or organizational chart formats. The deliverable is based upon the clients’ preference. What is typically delivered? Company name, contact name, exact title, corporate address, telephone number and if available, direct dials and emails. There are 2 main types of research; telephone verified and Internet gathered, (which needs to be telephone verified to be 100% accurate).

Other terms that may be used to describe research: Name generation, passive candidate sourcing, passive research, candidate identification, name identification, mapping, and telephone research.

Okay that was easy, now let’s discuss recruiting.

What is recruiting? It can be described as the process used to introduce an opportunity to unsolicited passive candidates, (generated by research), as well as “active ones” in which to generate interest. If interest is noted, the recruiter will qualify the potential candidate’s background to the clients’ needs, must & wants and determine if the candidate meets the client’s qualifications. The sourcing methods used to by recruiters to develop candidates are: cold calling, networking, use of subscription tools (Monster, Hot Jobs, SGA ExecutiveTracker, LinkedIn, etc) and use of networking communities on the net, which are usually free. Other terms that may be used to describe recruiting: Candidate sourcing, candidate development, candidate profiling, prescreening, candidate generation, passive candidate development and just the “R” word, recruiting.

Please comment here on the blog and let me know your thoughts. I can also be reached via email at

SGA: the ULTIMATE “GREEN” company

The SGA team is very environmentally conscious. We’re doing everything we can to eliminate pollution and waste in our everyday environment. We started late last year making a team effort to do the right things at work and at home. First we are reducing paper waste. We are not using paper cups and plates, everyone has their own washable cups and utensils in the office. We only print out documents when necessary, keeping most of our info usage on corporate networks and avoiding the use of printing cartridges and paper whenever possible.

We are proud that our Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Research and Information industry is the ULTIMATE GREEN BUSINESS! Just think, we don’t manufacture anything toxic, don’t pollute, and our product is the one of the most reusable.

We are proud that OUR products: data and knowledge, are the ULTIMATE RECYCLABLES! Data and knowledge are some of the only resources that are essential to business growth which also can be used over and over without any additional negative impact to the environment.

We plan to accept our Nobel peace prize on behalf of SGA very soon…

importance of attending conferences… and spring

Hello all. I recently attended and exhibited at IQPC event in Orlando, Florida. A small yet very productive few days. The attendees were the decision makers… and it was nice to see current clients and future ones too. Typically we exhibit at 11 events per year, all which I believe pay for themselves within 1-2 months. These hand chosen events include: ERE, Kennedy, Fleming Group Pharma Talent Management Event, AESC, IACPR, SCIP, SIIA, SHRM and IQPC. You can check our conference schedule and links to the conference producers on the SGA website.

This year we are going to MRI’s for the first time and very much looking forward to it. I advise anyone who is looking to attend and exhibit to do your research prior to investing time and money. If you wish to ask me about these shows, please do not hesitiate.

Lastly, I would like to share with you my poem I wrote when I was in third grade. Why all of a sudden do I feel compelled to do this? Because my son had to "find" one that he liked for an english project so I shared it with him, and so I thought I would share it with you. By the way, he did give my poem to his teacher along with one that was published.

Spring is here,
Now we can play outside all day
Our bikes we can ride,
and slide down the slide.
Oh what fun
When Spring has come!!

If you would like to share YOUR poem with us, please feel free.
Happy Spring!! – Sheila

Sheila’s Trends for 2008

I have been reading so many articles on trends for 2008, my thoughts are to do it a little differently. Most of what I have read promotes that certain areas will be strong for recruiting, others a bit weaker, specific functional areas will be strong and others not so strong.. yadayada…

Here’s my perspective garnered from what our teams are experiencing and hearing in our marketplace: many firms are taking recruiting in-house and limiting outside recruiting efforts. More teams are being built internally, with more emphasis on looking at internal talent and shifting people internally. Other companies are hiring at the same rate companies did over the last few years, volume hiring.

With the internet we have our fingers on the pulse of information, sometimes this can be information overload and overkill.  I see this influencing the way some people are positioning themselves and giving trend theories. I like to have this type of information come straight from our customers through surveys and conversations we have every day.

Bottom line is: I believe no “trends” have emerged yet. We just
have companies taking a look at where they are talent-wise, evaluating
what they did over the last few years, and doing what is specifically
right for them and their business environment… period, end of

I close with saying, “it is what it is”. Hiring is specific to each company.

Yes, some of this may include specific industries or functional areas, but I truly believe a company will just look at themselves and evaluate “what do WE need”. As recruiters we need to be where the money is, but also, as consultants we need to work with our clients right along side them and be nimble enough to “zig” as they “zag”.