An introduction to a mentor of mine….Marie Dygon

Have you ever heard of Marie Dygon? She is a mom, grandmother, great-grand mother, leader, inspirational, hard nosed, intelligent, determined, decisive, team player and most definately someone to look up to and admire. Who is she? My greandmother who just turned 101.
She has been a leader since I have known her. As a little girl, I remember her getting up at 5:30  going to work at General Electric, coming home by 4, making dinner while making sure things were getting done around the house and bossing my grandfather around by providing him with a daily honeydo list. A leader of the family, and matriarch, a wonderful person.

Inspirational is a great way to describe my grandmother. Always thinking of creative ways to make boring chores and activities fun. Her house was always the one young and old would come to. She would tell stories, still does and life long lessons that have stayed with me to this day.

Determined, well she told us she was going to live to 100 and she did. Every day she tells her nurses and family how grateful she is to have us all around her. She continues to say that she would never be here if it weren’t for any of us. She tells us to stick to a schedule, don’t change anything because she is too old to learn anything new. Of course we listen.She does have a great sense of humor too!

Intelligent, she always had a book near by when she had a bit of down time. She always told us to read and it will make us smarter. For holidays we knew, even as children we would be getting at least 2 books, many of which were written by Charles Dickens and Mark Twain. When she would take care of us we would have a reading hour. Something all of us looked forward to. Now when we visit, we watch Lawrence Welk and Friends, two of her favorite videos, which I am sure she has seen hundreds of times.

My mentor…she has taught me many things, how to live, love, laugh and to realize I can do anything I put my mind too. When I first thought about starting my business, she was the first one I told and the long hug and words of wisdom encouraged me to move forward.

I just wanted to share with you  a little about one of my mentor’s who turned 101  on Sunday. Love you Grandmother. By the way, I do have a post card of Grandmother we used as part of one of our  marketing campaigns used last year and a new one will be out shortly. She is as cute as a button!!

My advice to all of you, be a mentor and have as many mentors as you can. Family members can be a great place to start……..

Sheila Greco

Enjoy the day!!!







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