An Engaged Candidate Pipeline Is Powerful

Employing a recruiting strategy around candidate pipelining offers many advantages; it shortens the time to hire, offers the opportunity to have access to engaged, qualified, skilled candidates and the fact that you are connected with potential candidates who are “passive” yet have an interest in making the “right move” when presented with one. This engaged and vetted professional network without a doubt is designed to be a recruiter’s robust “rolodex” –  and talent pool. This approach to recruiting is powerful and is an alternative to the standard recruiting techniques used to respond to filling a role or under the traditional “rushed sourcing model.

The Advantages of Candidate Pipelining

Shortens The-Time-To Hire

Candidate Pipelining is a proactive recruitment strategy, meant to speed up the recruiting and hiring process. This recruiting methodology simply includes identifying, vetting, engaging and staying engaged with passive candidates you chose to stay connected with. Oftentimes when critical positions become vacated or must be filled with exceptional talent immediately, having an engaged qualified candidate pipeline acts as a powerful recruiting resource and tool. The pipeline approach is known to speed up the hiring process simply by providing the recruiter a pool of pre-qualified candidates. This select group of talent has been vetted so that the recruiter just needs to connect to discuss the opportunity.

Access To Engaged, Qualified and Skilled Candidates

A great advantage of having a pre-qualified candidate pipeline/network is that the relationship has been made and the network of potential candidates is in motion. Also, for a recruiter, it is about developing trusted relationships that create networks of potential higher-performing future hires that are right for the client and the professional, based upon what you know. Since most candidate pipelines are candidate-centric, meaning that it focuses on identifying and meeting candidate needs, I recommend taking the time to really engage, listen, as well as answer questions so that you truly understand the musts, wants as well as the needs of each candidate. This way when an opportunity arises, the conversation with the candidate is easy as well as positive.

Ability To Connect With Passive Candidates You Know

Recruiting is all about who you know and who you want to know that would be good for one of your clients. By using the candidate pipeline approach to recruiting it allows recruiters to identify and connect with strong potential candidates while staying connected overtime, as well as before the right opportunity arises. The whole idea is for the recruiter to get to know each “passive candidate” and they get to know the recruiter. This deliberate approach to recruiting is a great way to recruit these types of professionals who are not actively looking, but are top performers who are highly sought after.

How To Build A Candidate Pipeline

For starters, in order to build a candidate pipeline or network for a particular role or just to build a network of talent, it’s recommended to start by identifying, tracking and connecting with who you believe are strong candidates, or those you have connected with before on previous searches/roles. If you have an applicant tracking system you may use it, but even a simple spreadsheet will do. Just be sure to capture all the important data that is relevant to the professional – their name, contact information, Link to biography, LinkedIn profile or even better a resume. The whole idea is to gather as much information as you can from the first day you connect and to continue adding more information with each conversation, all of which is used for future reference. The overall goal is to create a talent pool of potential candidates who trust you and are open to discussing opportunities that may be right for them as they arise.

Competitive Advantages To Candidate Pipelining

For companies, candidate pipelining allows hiring managers to make informed decisions from a pool of qualified candidates backed with information. This process also speeds up the hiring process because the recruiter has access to top performers who have been vetted and ready to listen. Another big advantage is that this method builds strong relationships with top performers, the competition may or may not have access to with the key words being, “strong relationships”. As for the recruiter, it provides a resource second to none, making you a known recruiter who can fill the pipeline quicker with solid candidates you know and with professionals who trust you.

As a firm believer in candidate pipelining I have experienced and continue to experience along with our clients the many advantages this process provides. Candidate pipelining is powerful for sure. We have been wildly successful working along side a major retailer, a financial services company, an insurance company, a medical device company and a professional services who continue to use this type of recruiting strategy.

If you are looking to brainstorm, or ask me how we continue to work with our clients, using this strategy, I welcome the call. Thanks for reading!

Happy Hunting!

Best regards,

Sheila Greco

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