a great event… Sales Leadership Conference

What a great one day event I just attended and which SGA also sponsored: Selling Power magazine’s Sales Leadership Conference on June 21 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia.

Selling Power Publisher Gerhard Gschwandtner really knows how to put together a one day conference that is packed full of good panels and speakers. Not to mention the Ritz was a great choice for the conference site.

The day started with learning Gerhard’s background…who by the way is inspiring, smart and really has a lot to offer professionals at every level!! The keynote was Bill McDermott, President & CEO of SAP Americas….wow what a dynamic guy! other keynote speakers included David Berman, President, Worldwide Sales and Service at WebEx, Monica Messer, COO at infoUSA, and Jerry Whalen, VP Sales for the US Postal Service. 

The day got better and better. It closed with a cocktail party where lots of laughter could be heard. I just want to say as I looked around the room, there were 200 of the best sales leaders in the country who openly shared ideas, experiences and gave advice when asked. These folks were not afraid to  talk about the strengths and the weaknesses of their teams with hopes of finding a solution or helping their fellow peers. I enjoyed all of the vendors, who also shared lots information with hopes to work together as well. Selling Power can count me in as a sponsor and attendee for the Chicago meeting later this year.

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